Significance Of Online Colleges And Universities
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Significance Of Online Colleges And Universities

Published at 12/28/2011 01:41:59


Significance Of Online Colleges And Universities

Online colleges and universities or web based learning is learning with the help of your computer and it is like a virtual learning environment. It has hit the nation like a storm because of its flexibility and its allowance for one to study at his own pace and discretion. Another reason for it becoming a rage is that it is cost effective. As you will be studying at home, you do not require any sort of boarding and lodging. Along with this all the study material is available online, therefore, you do not have to buy textbooks. 


Significance Of Online Colleges And Universities

This idea of online colleges and universities was introduced by Caleb Philips in the Boston Gazette, March 1728. He advised that those who are willing to learn may begin learning with the help of several lessons sent to them weekly, instructed perfectly so that it is equal to learning in Boston itself. This was implemented by Isaac Pitman in 1840 with the help of Britain’s penny post. By 1870, universities introduced the concept of distance learning in the United State at the Illinois Wesleyan University. The advent of 1900’s introduced the first teaching machine. This was developed by Sidney Pressey who was an educational psychologist at the Ohio State University. In 1953 was introduced the first televised college credit classes offered by the University of Houston. 1960’s introduced PLATO (Programmed for Logic Automated Teaching Operations) systems through which students could communicate with their teachers over the internet. From then till now, there have been many improvements to the online learning methods.


Significance Of Online Colleges And Universities

It is a myth that employees do not consider students who have chosen the online route of studying, whereas employers prefer such students more because they believe that they are more motivated towards their studies as they are have studied completely on their own. These online colleges and universities require minimum educational standards. Along with this, you can study at your own pace without worrying about meeting university deadlines. You will always remain at ease when studying this way. Professors of these universities are easier to contact, therefore, you do not have to worry about waiting for the availability of your professor. All you have to do is email them and they will contact you as soon as possible. Apart from this, these universities provide you with sufficient training required for the field you have chosen. The best part is, if you are earning the degree from a reputable university, it will always be equal to any good traditional university available. 

Tips and comments

Always make sure that your chosen university is an accredited university because they are solely internet based. They can just be one of those that want to make money and do not want to give you the degree you have paid for. Therefore, always make sure that the university is accredited by organizations such as CHEA (Council for higher Education Accreditation) or USDE (U.S department of Education). Always make sure that you have checked the details of the university properly as this will help against any defraud by anyone concerning online colleges and universities.


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