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How To Find Accredited Online Universities And Colleges


With the mainstreaming of online education, more and more education seekers are exploring the option of enrollment into online universities and colleges. Deciding on online education is just the beginning of the process. Next comes the most important phase, that is how to find an online educational institute that is accredited, suites your needs and provides you with the best possible education. This article will look into how one can complete this process.


With the upsurge in innovation over the past decade, education is one field that has particularly benefitted. Deciding on the type of university and college education can be particularly troublesome due to a number of reasons. One more alternative that is available now is online education. It promises to provide greater flexibility and options at a lower cost when compared to regular educational institutes. Time is of the essence in today’s world. The opportunity cost of spending time studying, rather than working is quite high, thus lowering the incentive to study.


The procedure of finding an online university or college has a few additional details that need to be taken care off. First off, you need to understand what accreditation means. An institute is considered to be accredited when an institutional accrediting agency checks and evaluates that institute according to the agencies’ criteria and standards. The agencies consider various aspects like the financial stability, governance, student learning, admission process, educational resources, etc. There are 19 agencies in the US that can provide such accreditation to institutes. Some are regional and others are national. The U.S. department of education is made by law to publish a list of all nationally recognized educational institutes that meet certain academic standards. The list is made available on the internet for reference and is regularly updated. Other than this, there are various online websites that keep a database of accredited universities and colleges, and some of them even provide detailed reviews of the institutes. After this your job is to decide on which institute matches your needs. The search and identification process for accredited online colleges and universities has been simplified a lot. All that is needed on your part is a search on one of the various databases available on the internet. But it is advisable to use the database provided by the local and national government itself.

Tips and comments

Some things to consider while doing this are that the institutes should fit your educational and financial criteria. Also, the timings should match up with your free time. Now once your mind is made up, all that is left to do is to apply for enrollment into the university or college. Make sure that you fill up all the forms and meet all deadlines. It is always advisable to apply into more than one institute so that you have a backup plan. By following the steps this article provides, you can be sure that you will end up at an accredited institute. Remember, only an accredited university would have value in the job market!

By Amara, published at 12/28/2011
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