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Where To Find Nationally Accredited Universities


Finding quality education has become a need rather than a want for students all over the world. It is also socially unacceptable now to not complete your studies. Therefore, students are in a race to get into colleges and universities, preferably abroad, which provide quality education and are recognized institutes. The students’ foremost priorities are whether the universities are nationally or regionally accredited or not, if they offer the respective subjects and coursework they are interested in and henceforth they also look at the fees for their respective course and if they can afford it.  If these universities offer the subjects and coursework they are interested in and, also fit their budgets, then the students can get nothing better.


Accreditation is a standard maintaining and quality assurance technique used by universities and colleges. It is a certification that they get which helps students to recognize these universities and colleges. Mainly this act is carried out by the government or the education ministry but in the 19th century, the need for putting more focus on the education sector was felt. Hence, other agencies were established to perform these tasks. Accreditation is extremely important as it ensures whether the university you are applying to is recognized and provides the quality coursework that you are looking for or not.


If you are looking for universities to apply to, the first thing that comes to your mind is whether the university is nationally accredited or not. Now this search has become quite simple with the emergence of online education forums and help.The internet can aid you in finding out if the university or college in your state or somewhere abroad is certified or not as there are websites which provide you with lists of universities and colleges in alphabetical order stating if they have been accredited or not. You can easily find that out by going to websites of the council for higher education accreditation. This is a non-governmental organization of the US which was established after the Higher Education Act of 1965. Other websites also allow you to search for the universities of your choice which are nationally or regionally accredited. To see if a certain accrediting organization is legal, go through the list regularly and keep track of the universities and their rankings. It is also desirable to see if the universities programs are accredited and affiliated too. As some universities only provide a certain programs which are accredited by the government. This can be seen by visiting the educational websites of all the universities on your list.                                                                              

Tips and comments

Getting quality education from nationally accredited institutes has its own benefits as these students immediately gets jobs and are preferred over other students in the employment sector. The employers without a doubt consider them more qualified as these institutes train these students in a very stylized and proper manner. Therefore, this has led to many websites catering to give information on accredited universities. Their URL’s will tell if these are protected and official sites.


By Sidra Rana, published at 12/28/2011
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