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How To Reach Universities on Bike

Published at 02/15/2012 20:40:03

How to reach universities on bike

Travelling to universities on bike is one of the most prior concerns of students. If universities are near to your residence than it’s quite easy to reach to them but if they are not close enough, one can face quite much trouble. Public transportation is a commonly used source for reaching universities but it too has its issues. You can ask for lifts, travel with your parents or guardians too. But most of the students prefer to go the universities on their bikes. There is a big reason for this. Bikes are highly economical transport facilities and at the same time are beneficial to health as well. You don’t need to depend on any other person and can move on your will. The best thing is that it allows good muscular exercise and blood circulation of the body. Moreover it does not promote pollution at all.

Step 1

How to reach universities on bike is to be discussed here to acknowledge people about some things that are to be considered in this matter. The first thing is your safety when you have to go to the universities on your bike. Make sure that you are wearing your safety gear which includes helmet, knee pads and elbow pads at least. Bikes can be dangerous on rough surfaces and a lot of traffic. On a bike you have to balance yourself unlike on cars and buses having 4 wheels, any bump or careless move can break your balance and you might fall down injuring yourself. That’s where the safety gear protects you from major injuries.

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Bikes are not such a fast mode of transportation so it’s important that you manage your time accordingly avoiding the risk of reaching the university late and missing your credit hours. Leave your residence soon enough that you feel you’ll reach the universities on time. Make a proper schedule of breakfast and other things which you should get done with in time and leave for the universities on proper time. If you get late you might try to rush and ride fast which might cause you ending up in some accidental trouble.

Step 3

Use the most appropriate map directions to reach the universities on bike. Avoid travelling through areas with heavy traffic. Keep safe distance from other vehicles because bikes don’t have brakes as good as others. Be very careful when riding on a wet road during your travel to the universities on bike, because it can slip on a wet surface and you might loose your balance.

Step 4

The roads comprise of different lanes for different types of vehicles. Keep your bike in the lane for bikes or on a footpath. This is so because other transportation modes are relatively faster as compared to bikes. This might cause accidents even when you are on travel of universities on bike. Don’t try to take any sharp turns or shortcuts through the traffic. They can be very dangerous. Obey the traffic rules and the traffic signs. Never try to break any signal even if you are getting very late. Reaching the university on your bike is safe and sound than reaching it in time with accident.

Step 5

Maintain your bike properly so you don’t have to face any issues when reaching your universities on bike.


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