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Do You Know About Universities Community

Published at 02/14/2012 20:24:57

About Universities Community and Its Working

The advent of universities community was observed in 1996, when the students and teachers gathered about volunteering for a committee. This committee was headed by Harold Richman. Some important decisions and appointments were made in this committee and these were related to the formation of universities community. These decisions resulted in the formalization of the university community service center. Other important recommendations were the commencement of funding programs along with the appointment of a professional which was recommended in the meeting by the participants. In this way it started working and set its aims and objectives in order to streamline its services and functions.


Lady Michelle Obama was appointed to be the first dean and director in of the universities community in 1996 and she has served this office for the community in the capacity until 2001. Certain changes in the working and policy of the universities community were made by the students and workers from time to time. Nowadays, the civic minded students of UCSC have changed the service of community. They have provided a great opportunity to promote universities community service. Basically all this service is based on trust and mutual respect through community partnerships. These values have helped the workers to work in a conducive environment.


The main working site or the head office of the universities community is located on the outskirts of campus. Presently latest models have also been suggested for future working of the community center. These include the training services of the para-professional staff. Other inclusions which have been suggested in the future model of the universities community center are the development of research institutions for students, service learning providing them a new and unique experience of learning. All these proposals have been laid down in order to make the universities community competitive with other communities on part of national civic participation.

Tips and comments

The major aim of the workers and participants of the universities community is that they aim to continue to attract many students, articulate, and to motivate these students to lead and participate in various civil programs of all the categories. According to the officials and workers of the universities community, it has been pledged that they will monitor the students, and their participation in different development programs of the community center. In this way the community center will be able to promote partnerships, and maintain a respectful and sustainable community. Moreover the abilities of organizing and leadership are also encouraged among the students. It is very easy to get the membership of the universities community. The registration form for acquiring the membership can be obtained by depositing $5.00. If you want to maintain an active relationship with the account you have to maintain at least a minimum balance of $5.00. This credit denotes a healthy condition of a member. In this way you can become a member of universities community for life. These members will later on participate in electing the board members of the community. In this way the community is owned and operated by the members.