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How To Join Universities Psychology

Published at 02/17/2012 05:22:37


Admission to universities psychology is highly competitive nowadays. In the past few years at some highly reputed universities psychology only five to eight percent of the students that applied have been accepted. Because there are simply so many applicants and the supervisory resources are overwhelmed, some qualified students might not be admitted. Each member of the staff examines the applications in his area of interest and is able to propose one or a few more candidates. Possible candidates are discussed by the whole staff and the decision of acceptance is made by the department of the universities psychology.

Step 1

A bachelor’s degree in psychology can offer you a nice step forward to a fulfilling career in the field of psychology. After obtaining the bachelor’s degree in psychology most people go on and follow psychology school and then completing a master’s degree in psychology or even a Ph.D. This will allow them either to teach psychology at a university level or offer patients a specialized service. Going to universities psychology is a very good choice even if you don’t intend to specialize in psychology. Universities psychology offer opportunities for a large variety of career choices.

Step 2

If you want to join universities psychology and major in psychology as an undergraduate student then you will acquire experience and knowledge in scientific and professional psychology. You will also complete general education courses (like math, science, English etc) before you will be allowed to access a higher tier of psychology courses. Basic psychology courses are required during your lower division courses. A lot of students have their general education courses completed at a community college and afterwards they transfer at four-year universities psychology. Some choose to hit the universities psychology right after they complete high school and some do everything online. The GPA requirements are pretty high when it comes to universities psychology admission, especially for the top universities psychology.

Step 3

As you get closer and closer to your degree in psychology, you will have to take a couple of courses, most of them in a clear sequential order (Comparative Psychology – Elementary Psychology – Environmental Stress – Intro to Child Development – Loss and Trauma – Principles of Behavior Analysis – Psychopharmacology – Social Cognition – etc).

Step 4

Getting admitted though in some top universities psychology depends on how able is a student to work hard and bring contributions to knowledge. The applicant’s marks test scores and letters of recommendation are also taken into consideration. Also, the process of selection is also influenced by the applicant’s area of interest and by the availability of research space in that certain department. The average GPA accepted is above 3.30. What is below that will not be taken in consideration. In top universities psychology the students accepted in the clinical program have a GPA of a minimum 3.80.

Step 5

The Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology degree will grant you access to numerous career opportunities. However, it is best that you continue seeking advanced professional training after you completed the undergraduate phase. The Bureau of Labor Statistics informs that the employment of psychologists is expected to grow at a very fast rate during 2014. It is important thus just to start at a undergraduate level and you will see afterwards where the road will take you.