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10 Best Universities' In The World


Thousands of students all around the globe can only dream to become part of the elite universities' world. Some of these educational institutions have been teaching for centuries and follow a special set of rules and conduct that produce some of the best minds and leaders the world has ever known. There are a few key features that make these the best school choices among students, parents and professionals.

The Big Names

The universities' world include a number of names that keep on getting repeated on the list because of their value for excellence and competence. These schools have been around for over a hundred years but continue to innovate to stay updated with the current global changes as well other developments that shape various countries today. Some of the ivy leagues that stay consistently on the list include Harvard University, University of Cambridge, Yale University, University of Princeton, Columbia University, University of Oxford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT and Stanford University. These institutions are renowned worldwide and have produced global leaders and inventors that have shaped the way people live at present. Many of the alumni of these schools went on to become heads of state, senators, media celebrities, founders of large groups and creators of products and technologies used by millions.

What to Look For

The universities' world is assessed based on the performance of students and how the institutions continue to adhere to the standards set by many educational groups around the world. When students and parents look for the best schools, they have to check the previous and current accomplishments, awards and achievements of the institution. Many of the top ten universities compete each year in different fields and aspects and will be ranked accordingly by world-famous organizations and individuals based on a set of features. The assessment of the universities' world will be based on various items such as the passing rate during entrance examinations, the quality, experience and educational background of school staff and teachers, the ratings of various courses and subjects, the quality of the campus and involvement in other matters like research and development, economic trends and global issues.

Tips and comments

Assessing Further

The universities' world will offer a variety of courses and programs for both graduate and postgraduate studies. Some of the universities are well known for specific programs, such as Harvard being a primary choice in business, Princeton for management, MIT for engineering and Columbia for economics. Applicants have to be careful to review the inclusions of the program by visiting the website and find out all about the requirements and what further studies can be expected upon graduation.

Students should also get information from current students and visit the school to see the different structures and observe the teaching methods and activities. Some of these schools are also widely popular for extracurricular activities and sports. There are some institutions that offer scholarships to special students provided that they submit a stringent set of requirements. Only the best will be accepted in the universities' world and turn out to be huge contributors in the future.

By Seth Evan, published at 02/17/2012
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