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Benefits Of Going To Washington Colleges Universities


Washington DC was founded on July 16, 1790, and is different from other U.S. cities as it has been established to serve as the nation’s capital. The city is a hub for all international, financial and capital activities. Its hosts 176 foreign embassies other than World Bank Headquarters, along with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as well. The headquarters of many other institutions including trade unions, NGOs and non-profit organizations are also located within the bounds of this capital. Therefore, it is evident that with so much activity this city is a major source for employment and future prospering jobs. This gives an ideal opportunity to students from Washington Colleges Universities for immediate local employment.


The earliest colleges and universities established in Washington date far back to the 1800s. The George Washington University was the first one is this regard, being founded in 1821. It ranked amongst the Top 50 in the 2012 Edition of Best Colleges and Universities. This campus is located in downtown DC, near prime locations such as State Department and National Monument. Amongst all the Washington Colleges Universities, this has the richest historical background, boasting graduate such as Harry Reid, Eric Cantor, Collin Powell and Courtney Cox. Another significant college is the Washington State University, founded in 1890 in Pullman and has a mission of improving the quality of every student’s future life. This university stands amongst the top 96 public and private universities in the U.S. have high research activity (Established according to the Carnegie Foundation Classification). Washington Colleges Universities provide many extended campuses for international students, providing opportunities for recruitment in Washington itself.


In Washington, public and state owned universities provide excellent education and facilities, almost in competition with private universities. Many examples of Washington Colleges Universities include Evergreen State College, which is well known for its creative approach towards education. Moreover, the academic programs are innovative and team taught, hence, individualism is promoted. The Western Washington University has ranked as the best regional public university in the Pacific Northwest for eleven years in a row, a significant achievement for Washington Colleges Universities. The Eastern Washington University is a moderately sized university that provides students with the only crime lab in the state, so attracting thousands of forensic science students. Cornish College of the Arts is a private institution and has a small number of students, studying liberal and creative arts. This institution is amongst the only three private non-performing arts colleges in Washington. Other worthy private college names in Washington comprise of Whitworth College, Seattle University and Bastyr University.

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Washington Colleges Universities provide education par excellence. Degrees are available is all fields namely, natural and social sciences, liberal arts, economics and social work are a few established names. Job fairs are held at regular intervals, to recruit local and international students for internships and the scope is extremely wide, since Washington provides numerous avenues for aspiring students. A reasonably maintained GPA is bound to guarantee jobs in Washington and anywhere in the world as well.

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