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Tip Trends in Mens Clothing

Published at 03/15/2012 21:12:05

It is time to accept the fact that men have evolved quite smartly with regard to fashion and the trending styles, which have replaced the old and uninspiring dressing styles of the past. No longer do men have choices limited to the pinstripe suit, the dark-colored polo-neck or the drab old jeans in the line of clothing men’s fashions.

The times have witnessed a radical change in men's clothing trends and designers like Lyle and Scott, Ralph Lauren, Henri Loyd and lately Pretty Green have stormed the men’s clothing industry, bringing with them a breath of fresh air into men’s apparel. From shoes to ties and scarves to waist-bands and even skirts the evolution of men's clothing wear has reached a glam quotient, even out-shining women’s wear in some departments. Every changing season, is a time for new exhibitions of men’s clothing, and men are reveling in these trends at every opportunity.

If jeans were boring and same before, they can now be jazzed up with new designs, various fits, dyed with colors and cut to different lengths to match one’s macho persona. In the department of men's clothing, one can opt for a flared leg or a more comfy fit, or even a deeper color of blue, for those old jeans. The nice thing is that men are now willing to experiment with what they wear and look good in, as much as women. In fact, some men are doing a better job than women when it comes to carrying the latest trends with élan.

In this arena, which caters to men's clothing styles, the very predictable man’s cardigan or pullover has been re-designed with v-necks, crew necks and umpteen other eye-catching looks to make one stand out in a crowd. One can take them off the racks in the patterned or block colors of personal choice. All this gives today’s man a definite say in mens clothing wear. No longer will he be dictated to, whether he is a son, a brother or a husband. He wants to define his own look and is ready to combine his styles, colors and threads to delineate his unique personality. So the lady is now relegated to the background, while the new man of fashion is out to experiment, and show off the latest trends, in the way only he knows how.

And what a look it is! A formal handmade Italian suit or formal attire from Cipo and Baxx can make for an enchanting evening-out look, in the mens clothing line of elegant fashion A pair of casual chino pants paired with a crisp white shirt can be flaunted for both style and comfort during a weekend gathering.

Just a tip to men about designer clothing, is that being on the expensive, side it’s not always possible to adhere to every changing fad. A smart trick is to wear a stylish outfit and pair it with a scarf, which is in the hottest color of the season. This way one stays on top, and money-wise too. Not to forget accessories and footwear of mens clothing fashion lines, one may invest in a few expensive items like a branded watch or wallet or wrist bands to enhance the funky look. They will go well with anything he wears, without detracting from the suave man-of the-world statement he wants to make.

The mens clothing attire is incomplete without shoes. It is time now, to ditch the old sneakers and look for more trendy footwear in the mens clothing stores. It is best invest in two pairs of black and brown loafers in the latest fashion, to mix and match well with one’s sassy new outfits. So calling all men, set sail with the trends of change, and live it up.


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