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5 Tips For Caring For Men's Vintage Clothing

Published at 03/24/2012 00:05:26


Men's vintage clothing is not difficult to find and enthusiasm for it remains high. However, the point where they lose the spirit for the vintage clothes is when it comes to taking care of them. 

Step 1

You must know that the taking care of the men's vintage clothing is not at all difficult if you follow a few easy tips to take care of them. Do not forget to hang your clothes in the open air for a couple of hours before washing them. This is necessary because there could be some sweat or other secretions of the body that needs to be dried before washing, sometimes such secretions even destroy the men's vintage clothing. So it is better to get rid of them before washing. The next thing you must take care of the weak joints and zippers, button and pockets of the men's vintage clothing. Being old, they have suffered much stress and they do require special care, so properly check the clothes before washing and make sure there are no holes in the clothes.

Step 2

Buckle up the knots, zip the zippers, tighten the buttons and sew the holes to guarantee a long life for the men's vintage clothing. As the vintage clothes are old and have seen a lot of seasons of their life, it is good not to make them suffer any more by making use of a detergent. as the detergent sometimes sticks in the tight holes and if not taken out in time, the culmination could even ruin the clothes. Special treatment must be taken when you are about to fix the spots on the fabric. These clothes are really fragile most of the times and if you go rubbing them they could eventually get torn.

Step 3

The color of the fabric could also get fade due to the use of bleach or some other spot fixing agent. It is therefore advised to you to first try the anti spot agent on the back side of the fabric, then check the results, if they make you satisfy then go about fixing it on the front side as well. Once you have washed the men's vintage clothing with care, you must next be very careful about drying them. Do not hang the clothes on a wire for drying. rather spread the clothes flat on some surface. This is literally the best method for drying the men's vintage clothing without ruining them.

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