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5 Clothing Tips For Designing Decorative Tops


Fashioning designing like all kinds of art is all about beauty especially on clothing tops. And like all kinds of art there is only one rule to follow, to satisfy your customer’s desire or in other words to sell it. Meaning, fashion designing is not about following a certain rule that if you don’t it would end up in a mess. It is about releasing your inner creativity to bring forth an overwhelming clothing line. Remember, unlike other professions, art is creating beauty out of scratch. However, you still have to follow some guidelines to come up with interesting ideas. Depending on your artistic sides, you may follow these tips in designing your very own clothing tops.

Step 1

First is the color. In all kinds of designing, making sure that colors complement each other is necessary. This is the main reason why plain colored clothing tops are popular, to be safe on the eyes. Aside from that, colors have different hues. You may say it’s green but actually it is apple green. As a guideline, in designing multi-colored clothes, theme and color coordination is very crucial for you to create beauty.

Step 2

Second is the design. When designing clothing tops, you have to ask yourself, who would wear it? Taking this into consideration, there different designs that would compliment medium sized women rather than petite women. While others create clothing tops specifically for plus size women. Your design should always complement the one wearing it. For example, if you are designing for a plus size woman, try creating some clothing tops that would hide her size. Drapes instead of fitted designs would be a good option to use when it comes to plus size women.

Step 3

Third is the body shape. A woman’s figure is the greatest attribute of the body. If she has a tremendous body shape, you have to design something that would accentuate it. This can be effectively done by accurately incorporating the right measurements in the clothing tops. In doing this you have to be certain that the one wearing it has exact measurements. Another thing about body shape, not all women have the same shapes, it may be an hour glass shape, triangle shape, or inverted triangle.

Step 4

Fourth tip you can use in designing clothing tops is the measurement. As a standard, clothing sizes are used when designing for the mass population. Keep in mind that every ethnicity has different sizes. Asian women have smaller bone structure compare to Hispanic Americans. Once you’ve discern the measurements you’ll need. You have to apply it accurately to avoid clothing top disasters.

Tip 5

Fifth and last tip is the frills you are going to attach. Today, most commonly used are glitters. When designing for clothing tops, adding frills would add beauty and creativity. However, the problem is what kind are you going to use? You can use small, lightweight decorations or embellishments. This will ensure that it can still be wearable. Another thing is to incorporate an image or artistic design with frills. For example, you are using glitters. It would look presentable if you put the glitters above a tribal design. With these tips, you can assure yourself that your latest creation would not only be state of the art but also marketable.

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