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Clothing Tips For Matching Tops With Bottoms

Advice on tops clothing

We might see the popular American style – pink cloths, green shoes and yellow purse. Though they people want to see their brand new apparels and accessories, why they choose leather bag and lounge outfit in absolutely different color? Fashion trends this year votes for matching bottom and tops clothing

Step 1

Girls and ladies would look just trendy and sexy in such matching apparel. However, most girls don’t know the things to be followed to update their wardrobe. Given below are some useful tips helping them match their bottom and tops clothing attractively.

Step 2

Use singular or double colors

Using more than two colors is an old rule that most girls try to follow today. Classic and sophisticated girls and ladies don’t wear cloths in more than two colors simultaneously. You should not only bottom and tops clothing in matching colors but also have shoes and purse as well.

Step 3

Don’t put warm dresses with warm colors

We might see many girls wearing some warm combinations like red with pink, orange or black. Though it is fashionable or trendy, wearing two warm colors for bottom and tops clothing does not suit. Use warm colors with neutral or cold colors such as pink + grey.

Step 4

Match your accessories

This is very important, particularly when it comes to purse and shoes. Use one and the same color for these apparels. If you put belt, make it matching with bottom and tops clothing as well with shoes and purse. Most people overlook matching shoes and purse with their clothing.


Step 5

Apart from bottom and tops clothing, one must also care about their nail polish as well. Some girls may put orange manicure and red pedicure. Well, it is not necessary that they should put one and the same color on mails, but they can at least keep in matching with their apparels. It means, if a girl uses light pink for pedicure, then use pink shades such as neon, bright for manicure so the difference will not be visible. Another golden rule for bottom and tops clothing is ‘avoid wearing same color top and bottom’. This tip becomes valid when it comes to assessing warm bright colors.


Just imagine wearing a tomato red or neon yellow top and bottom. It would feel something like overdressed. Hence, you cannot be too matching for bottom and tops clothing. If you wear one and the same colors for neutral tones, then it will be fine. Capitalize your creativity or the color wheel. There are lots and lots of fashion shops and outlets offering people with stunning varieties of apparels that match in all ends. 

Today, most ready-made apparels come with matching bottom and tops clothing to choose from. But, if girls have a lot in their wardrobe, then give some rejuvenation to those trend-of-the-time apparels and wear it. One thing to remember when rejuvenating those old dresses is bottom and top matching. Also give importance to other accessories such as purses and shoes. Go with trend wearing matching cloths.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/23/2012
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Clothing Tips For Matching Tops With Bottoms. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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