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When Is It Appropriate To Wear White Clothing?


When the spring and summer time approaches, white clothing is something you should always have in your wardrobe especially if you like famous designers like Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, or Prada. No matter if you choose to wear a completely white outfit or just a few white elements, you will look very stylish without compromising comfort.

White clothing is an appropriate option especially for warm temperatures because, regardless of the fabric type, sun rays are not absorbed, so you can enjoy all summer moments without being overwhelmed by high temperatures.

White clothing inspires freshness and is often chosen by daring people who like to stand out wherever they go. No matter of the occasion, you wear them, a fancy party or during a night out with friends, white garments will get you out from the shadow and lighten your best features.

White clothing is very versatile and comes in numerous styles and fabrics to choose from. If you go for sateen, Lycra, lace or silk for your outfit, you will gain an elegant appearance suitable for a dinner with sophisticated people or for a cocktail party. If you choose seersucker, cotton, chiffon, polyester or denim, you will surely look casual and ready for a beach promenade.

White clothing is perhaps the best option when you want to dress for the spring holidays like Easter for example. Choose a white satin dress with floral lace embroideries if you want to stand out with this occasion or choose a white suit with skirt if you are a conservative person. An outfit like this wont cost you more than $100.

If we are to take in consideration the latest fall and winter trends, it seems that trendsetters want to give the vivid colors a break this year and see white clothing as appropriate apparel for the cold season as well. Top brand names like Calvin Klein, Donna Morga, DKNY, Mossimo, Meronna or others have all updated their collections to this classic white. You can have a look at their white cardigans, pullovers, dresses, jackets, pants or purses on the online sellers like,,, or

Nothing is more glamorous to wear than a classic and the snowy white outfit. Buy a pair of high waisted skinny white jeans, pair them with a white oversized sweater to fit this years fashion tendencies and draw the look together with the aid of a large belt in a color that makes a little bit of contrast and livens up the outfit.

Tips and comments

White is a classic choice for clothing that will never go out of fashion. It inspires innocence and brightens up your figure. Choose it for a summer picnic on a sunny day, wear during a day of celebration, during a cocktail party or even during a wedding and you will radiate of beauty. White clothing is also this winter favorite outwear this year so, whether you dare to dress all in white or you choose only one white clothing item, you will surely not pass unnoticed wherever you go.

By stephanie ann zambrano, published at 03/09/2012
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