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The Advantages Of Wearing White Clothing


Nothing is more comfortable and stylish to wear during the sunny summer days than white clothing. Regardless of the fabric chosen, people wearing white outfits will surely stand out from the crowd wherever they go without compromising their clean appearance.

The advantages of wearing white clothing are numerous and ranges from comfort aspects to aesthetic aspects. White clothing is known for not absorbing the sun's heat, you will benefit from a cool body temperature during the hot summer days. Therefore, no matter of the activities you are engaged to do, you will look fresh and neat all day. You can work relaxed in your office, or you can enjoy the vacation moments without being afraid of not feeling comfortable because high temperatures will never affect you while wearing white. However, white clothing is not necessarily designed for spring or summer. A white blazer or dress made from a warmly wool fabric can be very well worn during the cold days of winter.

Secondly, white clothing is a timeless outfit that will never go out of fashion. Famous designers like Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and many others always include white pieces of clothing in their collection because despite of being very simple, they are very pretentious elements which sometimes only daring people get to wear them. Moreover, white clothing can look fabulous for people of any age because there are a lot of clothing designs to choose from, ranging from tight fitted garments, more suitable for the young ones, to loose clothing, suitable for the older ones.

White clothing has the advantage of being very versatile. Depending on the fabric chosen and on the accessories added to your outfit, you can look from very elegant, to casual or even business. For example, if you choose a dress or top made from lycra, sateen, velvet or silk, you will gain a sophisticated appearance suitable for elegant events like cocktail parties, weddings or proms.

In case the white clothing you posses, white shorts, white T-shirts, skirts or dresses, is made from cotton, denim or lightweight wool, you are ready for casual events like a beach walk or a summer picnic. White clothing can be a good option for office too, especially if you are one of the top executives and you want to transmit seriousness to your employees. Women can look very professional and ready to work by combining a white collared shirt with a white two buttoned jacket for the top part of the body. Men can also add some personality to their office style by wearing a stripped white collared shirt under a black four-button jacket, in case they are more conservative persons. The daring ones, who aim to make a fashion statement even during the working hours, will surely accomplish that with a Ferrecci Seersucker Stripe Suit like the one offered by the online seller Overstock. For around 120$, men can look impeccable at the office while fulfilling the daily tasks.

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All this said, besides being the perfect addition to the summer wardrobe because of its refreshing proprieties, white clothing is a timeless and extremely versatile outfit that can be worn with style at any age by both men and women.

By stephanie ann zambrano, published at 03/09/2012
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The Advantages Of Wearing White Clothing. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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