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What You Should Know About Michael Clothing


Michael is a name we hear in the fashion industry quiet often. There are many designers with the name Michael, but the most famous Michael is Michael Kors. He has been in the fashion industry long enough to earn such a height in the industry. Michael clothing doesn’t only offer clothing, but the brand features a whole lot more. Accessories such as bags, wallets, scarves, and more. and also shoes. It is one of the biggest brands in the U.S. and you can also find Michael clothing internationally as well.


Michael clothing line initially started when he was 19. It wasn’t big when he started obviously but with the passage of time, he gained a title and position in the industry. He has studied fashion designing from the Fashion college of Technology in NY. It was after a few years that the big names of fashion and the big stores started stocking Michael clothing.

Michael clothing has always been very popular with big stars. His bags are seen with a lot of celebrities. You can easily find his collections in big stores all across the U.S. and he also has his flagship stores internationally. Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Obama have worn Michael Kors clothing. Other big names include Catherine Zeta Jones and Heidi Klum. Michael has also designed outfits for the Oscars' red carpet for a number of actresses.

Not only that, Michael clothing has also been seen in movies. Where Michael designed clothes specifically for the roles of the actresses in the movie. Movies such as possession where Michael clothing was worn by Gwyneth Paltrow. Then there was the movie called ‘Bandits’ where Kate Blanchet wore Michael clothing. So Michael Kors is a very renowned name in the fashion industry. Who would believe that this big designer was actually famous for designing women’s athletic wear, from that he got to deigning gowns and dresses for the A-List actresses. This is a huge success for a designer. Michael Clothing is something Michael spent years making what it is right now.

Tips and comments

Michael clothing has a new element that its getting very popular for, which is watches. The watches that Michael Designs are a big hit with the ladies. They are reasonably priced as well, and the quality is great. The bags and shoes are also a big hit. If anyone is seen carrying a Michael Kors bag, its seen as a sign of status. The Shoes are also rated as very comfortable and trendy. Michael clothing might be a little pricier than the other brands, but then again, the quality is great and the designs even better. Who would imagine the latest trends being available at process that aren’t followed by infinite zeros. Michael Clothing also has outlets, where things are even at a lesser price than the ones in big stores. All in all Michael Clothing is a big name and has a great reputation.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/05/2012
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