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Published at 02/26/2012 04:59:53


A career as a designer has lots of prospects from putting your creativity at work to earning money at the same time for your talents. You can find work with designer companies, in the IT field, advertising companies, fashion houses, art dealers, or even in the publishing industry. Careers in the broad category as a designer are many depending on your specialization. You can be a designer on web and graphics, fashion, interior decoration, art, and all sorts of areas. Whatever your specialization is, designer jobs exist online or offline. If you are looking for jobs designer, take a look at how to get deals and offers for jobs designer.

Step 1

Market yourself. Showcasing your talents where people can find you is one great way of landing deals and offers for jobs designer. You can make your own website putting up your best work and samples online. Make sure to put your contact details. Put up a separate email address where you can be reached. You can even use IM, Skype or any other instant messaging method where you can be contacted quickly.

Step 2

Hunt down leads in major and local newspapers. Ads calling for applications for jobs designer are often posted on paid newspaper ads. Check these sections regularly. If a person or a company can afford to pay for an ad space, then the vacancy is highly legit and urgent. Stalk these pages to get options for jobs designer.

Step 3

Send out unsolicited applications. Sending out unsolicited applications is another way to find offers for jobs designer. If you feel that this is too much work, try to send out one application per day. Make your resume in advance and compile a list of places where you would like to work. If things pan out, you'll be more than happy that you made the effort.

Step 4

Another way to get solid leads as jobs designer is to sign up for a job board or forum. Put up a gig ad on free websites where people look to hire services. If you are a web and graphics designer, you'll find plenty of offers requesting for these services. You can even telecommute if you only decide to do online gigs on bidding sites. Sign up for their newsletters, too. Be one of the first ones to get the scoop when the job board is updated.

Step 5

Use free advertising to announce your skills as a jobs designer. Quote rates and make a compelling ad to attract potential employers. State your availability and as always, include a contact number. If you don't want to be deluged by spammers, use a separate number or an email address specifically for job leads.

Step 6

Use social networking sites. Often, there are interesting leads on jobs designer on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. You can also put up your Linked In profile to increase you visibility.


Following courses in your area of specialization can increase your chances of landing jobs designer. It keeps you updated of developments in your chosen fields of design.




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