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Winters mean warm clothing and accessories, and when talking about warm clothing, wool clothing is the first thing that comes to mind. Although there are many types of warm material used in clothing, wool clothing is definitely the most popular amongst them all as it is the warmest and most comfortable clothing available in winters and because of that wool is sometimes considered the greatest material for the colder months.


Wool is a fibrous material obtained primarily from sheep. However, sometimes other animals may also be used. Wool should not be confused with fur, which is coarse and inelastic. Sheep are sheered and the wool obtained is cleaned and then the material is ready to be used in wool clothing. As wool is elastic, soft and insulating in nature, the material is best to be used in clothing.


Wool clothing has many features, and thus, the clothing is ideal to be made at home. There are many ways one can make woolen accessories at home. First of all, you’ll be needing yarn, which is basically woolen thread. The yarn can then be shaped into different items of clothing. From socks to sweaters, any item, whether big or small can be made using yarn. Various colors of yarn are available in the market so choose the colors which you like or are interested in wearing. Next, you would need additional materials as well. These include knitting needles, guides on how to make patterns and designs, and the multi-colored yarns. Knitting wool is one of the best experiences and it can be really rewarding to make a piece of clothing from scratch. If you are new to the idea of knitting, start with small objects including socks, which do not require much wool and are also easy to make as they do not have a complex shape. At first you might not be able to do a lot, or even be able to make any shape at all, but do not be disheartened as knitting requires lots of practice, and with practice, you can only grow better. Hats and socks are the basics, and once you are good enough with these and can make them in proper shapes and sizes, you can start working on bigger things like sweaters and cardigans. These would not only require better knitting skills, but will require the different colors of wool and different quantities all integrated into one piece of clothing. Although the idea may seem intimidating, be sure you are well practices because if you mess up, a lot of yarn would go to waste.

Tips and comments

Wool clothing made at home can be the most comfortable and warmest thing. However, after you have finished making the wool clothing, be sure you use appropriate methods to shrink the article of clothing as wool does shrink after the first wash. This also means that you would need to make the piece of clothing somewhat larger, so that it fits you after it has been shrunk. Although this may take time to learn, just be patient and have fun.

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