How Wool Clothing Is Made
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How Wool Clothing Is Made

Published at 03/24/2012 21:01:40


How Wool Clothing Is Made

Wool is a fiber that is obtained from sheep and other animals like camels and rabbits etc. there are different types of wool available. There is cashmere, mohair, qiviut, muskoxen, vicuna, alpaca, camel and angora. It has many qualities that distinguish it from hair and fur. It is elastic, it is curly and it is grown in attached forms. It is generally found in creamy white color but some sheep produce colors like black, brown, silver and random mixed colors. Anything knitted can be wool. Wool clothing is mostly seen in wooly jumper, scarf, socks and hats. Wool clothing is available for all ages of people of all sexes. Wool is widely used in winters and people like wearing it for the warmth.


How Wool Clothing Is Made

Since 6000 BC people have started to make wool clothing out of sheep and other animals. At first people didn’t know that the fur of sheep could be used for this purpose. They used to hunt sheep and eat its meat. Slowly people started to use its fur as a means to get warmth. The fur was not soft and wooly then, so the interest of sheep’s wool lacked. People began to spin sheep hair and made clothes out of it. And this way the sheep wool began to get common.


How Wool Clothing Is Made

After sheep shearing the wool is categorized and then people spin it. It is easy to cut of the wool from the sheep and then spin it. This wool is warm, that’s why most sweaters and even blankets are made of wool. Wool clothing is very common just for the sake of its warmth. It can be dyed into many colors that you want and it can have many patterns. Wool shawls, quilts, wool cardigans are available in wool fabric. These wool clothes are really warm and comfy. These are durable, elastic and its strength makes it a really good part of clothing. Wool is a good choice to wear around flame areas as they are flame resistant. Firemen are seen wearing wool uniforms as well. Wool clothes control body temperature. It is a natural insulator so wool clothes are seen worn in most desert areas because the days are very hot and the nights are very cold.

Tips and comments

When wearing wool fabrics you can feel really comfortable whether the atmosphere is hot or cold. Wool clothing gives durability and comfort. Wool clothes tend to last long than the clothes that are made out of cotton or silk. These clothes are soft and give warmth to people and are very useful in those areas where the weather stays cold most of the times. Wool clothing can be helpful for people that have problems like asthma, allergies of any type or any breathing problems because wool cannot cause reactions. It is comfortable for people suffering from arthritis and rheumatism and it can be really good for night wears as it can provide a restful sleep. Wool fabric is of light weight as compared to other fabrics so it can be used as casual wear and keep you comfort.


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