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Tips For Wearing Navy Blue Clothing

Published at 03/24/2012 18:05:49


The color navy blue derives its name from the deep blue colored uniforms worn by personnel of the British navy in the 18th century. Even today, the color is very closely associated with sailors’ uniforms. Navy blue is a dark, almost black hue of blue. It looks intense and powerful. It has an air of class and confidence about it. Even though it is such a beautiful color, blue navy clothing is not as widely used as black or red. This adds to the exclusivity factor of blue navy clothing. Below are some tips on how to wear and successfully carry navy blue clothing.

Step 1

1) Skin tone: Blue navy clothing best suits people who have fairly light skin. The contrast adds to the melodrama of it all. However, if you have a darker skin tone – then this does not necessarily mean that you should stay away from navy blue. Navy blue may be worn by dark people too. It can be contrasted with lighter colors to create a sophisticated image.

2) Colors: Navy blue works best with white, beige, cream and some shades of yellow. Blue navy clothing has an ethereal quality about it. Light colors can be used to nullify the overpowering nature of navy blue. A navy blue suit with white shoes and tie is a stunner at any event. The same goes for a navy blue dress with light colored footwear. A navy blue shirt goes extremely well with snow white pants and vice versa. It is safe to conclude that navy blue doesn’t look too good with dark colors. However, it can be used sparingly with some shades of red. It can look be used with black but it is pointless to do so as it is quite difficult to differentiate the two. For those who want to cast a boisterous, energetic image – navy blue can be used with orange or lemon yellow.

3) Accessories: Blue navy clothing can be decorated with accessories for a more complete look. Unlike some other colors like brown or green, blue navy clothing is very receptive to being paired with accessories of all kinds – ranging from gold jewellery to platinum ornaments. It also looks absolutely fabulous with diamonds.

4) Patterns: A popular pattern which is often used on navy blue is that of light colored polka dots. Polka dots are fine but they need to be done tastefully. Polka dots were in style almost 3 decades ago – so it is safe to consider that they are old fashioned. However, their playful nature suits the solemnity of navy blue – so navy blue is one of those few colors which look great with polka dots even today. Other than that – it is better not to experiment too much with patterns when it comes to blue navy clothing. One of the most important aspects of an outfit is the balance – too much tampering rids navy blue of its substantiality. Often, patterns like checks and lines are used on navy blue.


5) Material: Materials like wool, denim and denim are very frequently used to manufacture blue navy clothing. Navy blue is a much preferred choice for winter clothes too.


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