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What To Wear With Navy Blue Clothing


Navy blue is a neutral colour, and that is what makes it very versatile – you can combine it with almost anything. Think of it pretty much as black, and apply all the same rule. This article will tell you a little about how to carry navy clothing nicely, and what you should or should not wear with it.


Perhaps you know about the rule that black and brown should not go together, and it is the same with navy clothing – some people will simply not accept the idea of wearing navy clothing with something that is black or brown. You can choose to follow this rule, or make a few people frown by combining navy clothing and a black bag or a brown belt. It is okay to wear them together, because they are all neutral shades and can go with everything, but just in case you don't believe in breaking fashion rules, don't wear navy clothing with black or brown!

When it comes to make-up that goes with navy clothing, here are a few tips. For the eyes, use gold, brown or navy blue eye shadow. Go for navy blue or back eye liner, as it looks good with navy clothing. You can finish with navy blue or black mascara to give your eyelashes a bold, dense look. For the lips, use warmer shades of red, or plum. That is, use dark colours on your lips if you are wearing navy clothing. However, the colours you use in your make-up also depend upon your skin-tone, so you can also use greens or pinks with navy clothing, as long as they make your skin look good and your eyes stand out.


Again, as navy clothing means neutral shades, you can use any sort of jewellery with it. Silver, gold, platinum, all will look good with it, as the navy clothing does not try to dominate any of these colours, and they can make you look radiant. However, be sure to wear jewellery according to your skin tone.

When wearing navy clothing, you can go for contrast to create a nice look. This means you could use a bright shade that attracts attention. You could, for instance, wear a nice yellow sash with a navy blue dress, or a stunning red bracelet with other navy clothing. Small prints in contrasting and bright colours also liven up navy clothing (but make sure that the prints are not too large. As a simple rule, remember that they should be no larger than your fist, at most).

Tips and comments

When wearing navy blue pants, you can choose a top or shirt in any light colour, and pastels also tend to go well. A navy blue skirt looks great with a white shirt. A navy blue top suits a pair of grey pants or shorts beautifully, and beige looks equally good. However, avoid wearing too many dark shades along with navy clothing. Navy blue and black might be a little too much if they occupy significant proportions of your clothes and are not broken by any other colours.

By Sia Attavar, published at 03/24/2012
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