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The Most Popular College Fashion

Published at 03/21/2012 22:02:17


The different stages of life are quite different. Kids do not decide their own fashion, they wear what they like. The kids are dressed cutely by their parents. They do not know what they are wearing still they feel the confidence when they are dressed smartly. Same is the case with the adults they like to be dressed smartly and if they are well dressed then they feel confident. Each of us has an individual attitude towards latest fashion and we tend to follow it.



Teenagers feel the pressure to be dressed properly and they are quite fussy about their dresses and appearance. This is not the case with college going kids they are quite grown up to decide what will suit them and what they will be comfortable in.

College is the best time of everyone’s life and college goes are allowed to dress as they like. Gone are the days when they were forced to wear uniforms and pinafores or they were restricted from wearing certain clothes. In college they are their own masters and can be dressed as they want.

However there are certain dresses in college students which have been always in trend. The jeans are one of the most common things in the campus. If you are fashionable or not, if you are thin or healthy, short or tall any stature jeans is a sure thing to be found in college going students wardrobe.



Another common piece of clothing to be found in a college goer’s wardrobe is the jacket which they can easily wear on anything and everything. It is comfortable over anything and can be worn on jeans, pants and even skirts.

The wide variety of shirts and tee shirts available are another of the favourite clothes found in the wardrobe of college going students. They like to be smartly dressed and yet they like to be fashionable. To top this attire a wide variety of accessories are available for the students.

Accessories include a wide variety of bags and handbags, shoes, sandals and also slippers. Moreover caps and hats are also the favourites of college students and they are commonly worn with the dresses. College students hold a lot of parties and get together where the normal day to day attire cannot be worn.

Hence the dresses and frilly stuff is useful during parties. It maybe a birthday party of a friend or the prom party all girls and boys have stuff stored for such occasions as per their tastes and likes.Hence the most common dress for college goers is the everlasting jeans and tee shirts along with jackets and caps if required.

Tips and comments

  • College going students have individual tastes
  • College fashion is individual for each student
  • College fashion decides the fashion which is prevalent.
  • jeans and tee shirts are the most common college fashion
  • Accesories can be merged with the normal clothes in order to make the students look more trendy and s smart.

College going students are the icons of fashion and fashion designers target them as their customers.


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