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Difference in Jeans Apparel


When it comes to clothes, jeans apparel is the most widely worn and the biggest seller in the industry. But not all jeans apparel is created equally, which is extremely obvious when shopping. Prices can range anywhere from $20 up to the hundreds, depending on the quality and name brand of the jeans you are buying. Like most things in life, if you want quality you have to pay for it. But what is the big difference in jean apparel that makes the price range go from dirt-cheap to shockingly expensive?

The Big Difference

The big difference between cheap and expensive when it comes to jean apparel is the fabric. It is as simple and as complicated as the quality of the denim used. The more expensive jeans are softer, mold to your body with wear and keep their color.

When you spend hundreds on a pair of quality jeans, you can be sure that they will always keep their fit and color from the first day till the last day you were them. That is because the denim goes through an expensive process to ensure the quality of the denim is the softest and best you can buy.

However, not everyone can afford to spend a paycheck on one pair of jeans, so they are stuck buying the cheaper brands. Luckily, today’s designers have found a way to make cheaper fabric look and fit as good as the expensive.

One of things making cheaper jean apparel better is the incorporation of lycra fibers in denim. This helps jean apparel fit and mold with your body in a flattering way and keeps its shape over a longer period.

But even over time, cheap jean apparel will begin to fade and lose the fit you fell in love with. Fortunately, you can do something about that to ensure they look good for as long as possible with just a few simple tricks.

4 Easy Tricks

Buy straight leg jeans – The most expensive jean apparel is the straight-legged jeans. So get a head start by choosing that fit when you purchase jeans.

Choose dark blue wash – The darker the wash, the longer it will stay crisp and the longer it will take to fade.

Wash correctly – Turn your jeans inside out and wash in cold water only. Dye tends to fade in cheaper jean apparel, by turning them inside out; the dye is trapped in the material. The cold water helps to set the color and help prolong fading.

Line dry – Whatever you do, never put your jeans into a dryer. Many people love to put their jeans in the dryer because they come out so soft. Yet, the dryer is actually the worst thing for your denim apparel. It causes the fabric to lose it shape and to dull the colors.

Tips and comments

Secret tip – Although it may not sound appealing to many, only wash your jean apparel when it absolutely needs it. Just like using the dryer, washing your jean apparel can be the death of it. Too much washing damages the material, causing it to lose its shape and color quickly.

By Lucy Beam, published at 02/21/2012
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Difference in Jeans Apparel. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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