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The Best Schools For Fashion And Design


If you have a creative mind, and you like working with style and poise, being a fashion designer is the ideal job for you. Schools of fashion and design have increased during the last 20 years, and it is seen that they are on the same level and have the same rankings as any other business or medical school. These fashion and design schools not only teach the fresh minds about how to make unique outfits, but also teach them a large variety of other important things that a good designer must know before stepping into the fashion and design industry.


The best schools for fashion designing include popular universities and art schools such as the Fashion Institute of technology; it is well-known for producing the brightest of fashion designers who have proven themselves internationally as well. The school not only teaches courses and gives out degrees related to fashioning and design but also includes courses about business, marketing, visual communication and photography, etc. fashion Institute of technology has contracts with top designing corporations because of which professionals hold their workshops at the school to guide the young students through the fashion and design industry.


London College of fashion is another famous fashion and design school, which is well reputed for its unique courses that you probably won’t find in any other fashion school. These courses include beauty therapy and cosmetic design. The royal academy of fine arts is also very popular because of the famous fashion designers that have graduated from this fashion and design school. This fashion school is one of the best and oldest institutions. It is known for producing the best fashion designers that have changed the fashion world in the last 20 years. Parsons new school for design is the second best fashion and design University of the World. It is expensive when it comes to tuition fee and can cost as much as a course studied from Harvard University. Central Saint Martin’s produces about 1200 professional fashion designers every year who are then hired by top brands, and they are groomed well enough to work in any kind of fashion industry.

Tips and comments

You must always do proper research on the finest fashion and design schools before deciding where to apply if you want to pursue fashion designing as a career. It a good idea to apply for scholarships in these top designing universities so that you can get in and experience the best education and also afford it through a scholarship. You must always keep your options open and there are a large number of other universities apart from these top institutes which offer the same programs and have good qualified professionals hired for teaching. These schools have a lower and better tuition fee that can fit into the budget of someone who belongs to the middle class very easily. You can also do internships at different fashion corporations or famous brands to increase your working experience along with studying; this will help you in the long run.

By Rahma Hasan, published at 03/31/2012
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