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How To Apply Makeup To the Eye

Published at 02/23/2012 16:29:32


Eye makeup is the finishing touch to any look, day or evening. With all of the choices it can be difficult for any woman to determine what eye shadow looks best or how to expertly apply the product. Before you head to a local department or drug store in search of new eye makeup, learn how to apply the products correctly and what shades will look best with your skin and eye color.

Step 1

Determine the best eye makeup shades for you before shopping around. For instance, if you have fair skin and green eyes, choose lighter shades of purple to make your eyes pop. The best eye makeup colors for blue eyes include earth tones and shades of purple or pink. Brown eyes pop when they’re paired with shades of pink, green, blue and gold.

Step 2

Before applying eye makeup, wash your face with a product specifically formulated for your skin type. Allow your eyes to dry before covering the lids with a thin layer of foundation. The foundation provides base for the eye makeup to prevent it from fading. Allow the foundation to set for at least two to three minutes before continuing.

Step 3

Apply a white or light-colored base eye makeup to your lid and the area under your brows. Use a sponge eye shadow applicator or small brush to apply the product. Fill the crease of your eye, or cover the entire lid, with the shade of your choosing. Allow the eye makeup to set for at least two to three minutes before adding further products.

Step 4

Apply eye liner to the bottom of the lid, paying attention that the product blends seamlessly with your lashes. Use black to create a dramatic effect or choose a color that complements your eye shadow. Allow the liner to remain or smudge it with a sponge eye shadow applicator to create a more subtle effect. Liquid eyeliner is another option for evening. Once again, choose a shade of black liquid eyeliner for a more dramatic effect. If choosing to apply liquid eyeliner for day, choose a more subtle shade of grey or dark brown.

Step 5

Finish your look with a few layers of mascara. Black mascara is an excellent choice for almost any woman, especially to create an evening look. If you have fair skin and lighter hair and eyebrows, consider brown mascara to create a softer effect. Apply two to three layers of mascara to your upper eyelashes first. If desired, apply one to two layers to your lower eyelashes as well. If you’re looking for a fun new look, consider apply a few layers of green or blue mascara.


Remove your eye makeup every night before bed. Use soap and water or a liquid eye makeup remover to prevent potential irritation or infection. To prevent eye infections, never share your eye makeup with anyone else and toss away your shadow and mascara when necessary. Mascara has a short shelf life of three months, while most powdered eye shadows will survive for at least 18 months.

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