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How To Apply Makeup To Your Eyes

Published at 03/06/2012 17:48:26


Nowadays everybody is worried about their appearance. Everybody thinks that makeup is a big waste of time and they are afraid of spending too much time applying makeup to their face. But looking great doesn’t require too much effort or time. We are going to tell you some tips on how to apply makeup to your eyes without spending too much time and to look perfect every day. First step before you begin is to find out what type of skin you have. You can have oily skin or perfectly moisturized skin or dry, etc. Applying makeup to your face and eyes is very easy.

Step 1

Many cosmetic shops have someone there that can do a preliminary analysis of your skin and recommend some products. If you are on a budget, see what the professional at the local cosmetic shop recommends. Next step is to clean your face and hands too. The hygiene is a very important factor especially when you apply makeup to your face and eyes because if you don’t do that you will risk making an infection.

Step 2

Use a good deep-cleansing mask. Try not to exfoliate if you have sensitive skin or oily skin. Exfoliating your skin will increase the risk of bacteria spreading on your face. Clean your face with antibacterial soap before you start applying any makeup to your face. Also replacing your towel every week is a healthy thing for your face. Use a light moisturizer on your face no matter what skin type you have. You should try to avoid the eye area!

Step 3

Moisturizer can be applied on your face with the foundation brush or even a sponge. With moisturizer oily skin will become drier and dry skin will become smooth. Also you could mix a little bit a foundation with a little bit a moisturizer that way you will make two steps in one. After you apply the foundation makeup to your skin of course verifying what color matches your skin you should put an illuminator to make your skin appear matt, no one wants to have a shiny face. You can use a makeup wedge, and you can start around the hairline and go down, you may also use a foundation brush if it is easier for you.

Step 4

You can highlight your brows and cheeks by applying a powder just underneath the brow and for your cheek also. Line your eyes with a brown or black liner or if you want a stronger look you can use eyeliner with darker strokes. When you put on the eye shadow you should be careful with the colors.

Step 5

If you use darker colors you can use an eye shadow brush that can be dipped into the color and then you can also brush all the excess. Apply inside the crease of the eye this way your eyes will look larger and it will highlights your eyes. The last step is to put mascara on your lashes and everything is done. All these tips on how to apply makeup to your eyes will improve your appearance without too much effort.



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