Where To Find Makeup For Sensitive Skin
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Where To Find Makeup For Sensitive Skin

Published at 04/01/2012 20:34:31


Where To Find Makeup For Sensitive Skin

The enjoyment of wearing makeup to enhance your appearance can be marred by break-outs and rashes from the makeup. This is an even bigger problem if you have sensitive skin. Identifying the types of makeup that do not act as irritants can be a long process. It is worth the time to find makeup for your type of skin tone and sensitivities because you will be able to look great without the worry. Once you identify the ingredients that you are allergic to, finding the make for your own personal skin requirements becomes easier, even if you have to focus on specially formulate makeup for your skin, eyes and lips. 


Women in ancient civilizations often formulated their own makeup for beauty enhancement. In ancient Egypt, for example, dark clay and soot from cooking fires were blended to make dark, bold eyeliner. Centuries later when makeup began being manufactured and sold commercially, the ingredients could cause severe skin reactions. To counteract these problems, medical and government entities began enforcing rules to test makeup for negative impact on womens health and beauty. Current regulations include a wide range of standards for reporting makeup ingredients. Many ingredients do not fall under the regulations, however, so it becomes an individual's own responsibility to find makeup for her own skin type and sensitivities.


If you are influenced by specific skin problems such as rosasea or acne, your first method of action to find makeup for the condition is to speak with your doctor. Typically a specialist such as a dermatologist will give you the best information based on medical research and detail. Some dermatology practices are comfortable giving you the brand names of makeup for your personal skin condition. Others prefer to simply give you list of the the types of makeup to avoid. In a few conditions, especially if the dermatologist has a co-practice with a plastic surgeon, the clinic or office may carry one or two lines of specially formulated makeup for the extraordinary sensitive skin conditions they treat.

Visit the makeup counters at a high-end department store to find makeup for your sensitivities and skin tone. The counter staff may try to persuade you to purchase the brands they represent, but armed with a list of potentially harmful ingredients for your own skin needs, you should be able to hone in on one or two brands that work well for you. Do not allow anyone to give you a complimentary makeover until you have reviewed the ingredient label first.

Search in a well-stocked health food store for makeup for sensitive skin that is made of natural or organic materials. These type of makeup formulations have a tendency to contain fewer impurities that could cause an allergic reaction or flair up of pimples and rash. Seek out fragrance-free and hypoallergenic labels on makeup for your needs. The interpretation of what hypoallergenic means to makeup manufacturers varies, so get the smallest volume possible of any particular brand to test how it impacts your own skin.


Tips and comments

Consider using mineral makeup for the most sensitive type of skins. This type of product has fewer additives than other makeup types and therefore may cause fewer reactions. 


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