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How To Look Good With No Makeup

Published at 03/08/2012 05:42:03


No Makeup:

Nowadays, every skin product contains lots of chemicals, and almost every woman uses them to look beautiful. We all know that simplicity always looks beautiful, so to look beautiful with no makeup is a desire of every woman. Good and healthy skin looks always beautiful, so it is the first essential part to look beautiful with no makeup is to keep your skin healthy.

Step 1

Look Good With No Makeup:

If you go for skin treatments from skin clinics, then before using skin products make sure that those products are dermatologically tested and suitable for your skin. Otherwise there are often cases when companies sell their products only for the sake of selling and put wrong labels on products, because every skin is different from others. Some have very sensitive skin and some have oily so we should be very careful while taking skin treatments.

Step 2

Most women nowadays use sunblock to protect their skin from sunburn, but they really don’t know that these products contain such chemicals that will lead them towards skin cancer. We all know that natural things are generally good, and real sunlight provides us freshness and vitamin-D that are essential for good skin.

Step 3

Sunlight is the only source of getting vitamin D, and science has proven that sunlight reduces risks of breast cancer, depression and diabetes. Don’t provide excessive amount of sunlight to your skin by sitting more than eight hours continuously, but take it in with common sense and enjoy healthy skin with no makeup.

Step 4

The first thing that we should do to look beautiful with no makeup is to use of scrub that will give a natural shine and freshness to your skin. Scrubbing will remove dead skin cells and will make room for new healthy cells, so it is a must to do this once a week. It also helps in removing dirt and excess oil and will give you relief from blackheads. Then, you should drink plenty water to avoid pimples and hydrate your body. Take care of your lips and scrub them by wetting one corner of a towel and run it over your lips. This will remove extra skin from your lips and provide room for new skin. Another way is to mix honey, Vaseline and sugar to make a paste and then apply it on your lips. It can remove dead skin from your lips.

Step 5

Moisturize your skin daily and never go anywhere without moisturizing your skin. You should choose your moisturizer by the advice of any professional that will suit your body type. Brush your teeth daily to have fresher breath. Use floss and mouthwash. Try to keep your tongue clean because it contains lots of bacteria, and that will lead you towards illness. Try to keep good care of your hair because your hair adds beauty to your overall personality. Take vitamins for healthy and long hair.


Look Good With No Makeup:

If you want to look natural and you feel that you need no makeup, apply lip balm to your lips. Mix your moisturizer with your foundation to make your skin even and put slight eye liner as thin as you can on your upper lash. Apply a white skin pencil on your water line that will enhance your eyes and will help you to look awake. It is a simple and easy way to have a look with no makeup.

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