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5 Facts About Estee Lauder Makeup

Published at 03/07/2012 12:37:44


Estee Lauder Company are the manufactures and dealers of this outstanding product. They manufacture unique skin care products according to each skin type, makeup items and variety of hair care goods and moreover different types of fragrances. Every woman today is very conscious about her makeup and so they opt for lauder makeup range. The headquarters of this company is situated in Midtown Manhattan in New York City. The company has its branches in about 140 countries including America, the Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa. More than 32000 people work for this company.


The lauder makeup company started its business in the year of 1946. Joseph Lauder along with his wife Estee Lauder commenced to manufacture cosmetics in New York City. At the beginning they manufactured only 4 types of items; they were cleansing oil, super-rich all purpose crème, skin lotion and crème pack. After two years, they founded their first departmental shop at the Saks Fifth Avenue in New York. The lauder makeup products became very popular and their store gained prominence. As a result, the manufacturers introduced many other varieties to their brand of products. Over the next 15 years the lauder makeup company kept on selling their products all through the United States. In the year 1960, the group began its first global version of products in the departmental store of London called, Harrods. In the next year a branch of the makeup company was opened in Hong Kong. They opened Aramis Inc., which made perfumes as well as different grooming products for men. In the year of 1968, the company took another step forward and thereby opened Clinique Laboratories. In fact, Clinique was the first cosmetic brand that produced dermatological and allergy tested scent free cosmetics brand, backed by Lauder Makeup Company.


The lauder makeup company has 29 well known brands, which include Estee Lauder, Prescriptive, Aramis, Clinique, Origins, Lab Series, Bobbi Brown, M.A.C, Darphin, La Mer, Jo Malone, Aveda, Bumble and bumble, American Beauty, Good Skin and Grassroots. The three key points of the company are the best people, the best ideas and the best products. The company is operating approximately 577 single-brand freestanding stores and has about 86 multi brand stores. The company has gained popularity, for it produces technologically improved and high-class products that have the reputation of creativity, sophistication as well as top quality. Estee Lauder is a powerful brand and comprises of wide portfolio that includes its own popular brands plus global licenses of many items. Besides this, M.A.C is number one when it comes to lip-gloss, various eye shadows and compact powder.

Tips and comments

Lauder makeup is the ultimate name in cosmetic products. Their advertising tactics, product improvement strategies and their packaging department, not to forget their research and development team can feel the pulse of the customers. Based on their preferences they keep inventing and discovering products and manage to keep up with the times. It is because of these reasons that Estee Lauder makeup continues to maintain their foothold in the world of cosmetics even after so many years.