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Top Tips For Beauty & Makeup

Published at 03/15/2012 14:37:50


Beauty and makeup are the number one topic discussed by all the women in the worldwide. From the best mascara for our eyelashes to the best skin foundation, we discuss about everything and we turn these subjects on all sides to find out how can we look fresh and flawless every day. But even so, for many of us, the desire to look beautiful remains at the stage of discussion for several reasons: some of us don’t believe in our beauty and the other ones are not willing to invest the necessary time to look as they dream. Don’t let yourselves in this situation because it means you don’t love yourself enough. If you don’t know where to start from to take a better care of you, listen to the following things because within only a few words all the top tips for beauty and makeup are covered.

Step 1

Firstly, at the basis of every beauty and makeup session stands a refreshing shower in the morning. Make this moment more enjoyable and spoil your skin with scented oils and softening body creams. By doing so, you will shine all day because you not only nourish your skin, but through the perfumed odors of the products used you offer yourselves a calming aromatherapy session.

Step 2

The second tip for beauty and makeup aims to make you look like new every day. It doesn’t mean that you have to adopt a different style of makeup every day, it only means that you should make those types of changes which makes the other ones wonder and not figure out what is different at you today. For example, don’t get stuck with the same makeup every day. Change it from time to time because there are so many styles and colors which cannot wait to enliven your eyes, to fill your lips and to caress your cheeks. Dare to try those drama eyes if you like them and dare to wear from time to time that red lipstick from your beauty and makeup cosmetic bag because you will surely feel better if you get out of your comfort area.

Step 3

If you want your waist to seem narrower while you are in the swimsuit, listen to this great tip. Apply a self-tanner only on the sides of your waist, starting from the last rib to the hip bones. Take care not to apply too much because you only need one shade darker for your waist to become narrower. Otherwise, this beauty and makeup trick will become too obvious and you will look ridiculous.

Step 4

Another top tip for beauty and makeup which seems to be the solution for every hair, nail or skin problem is the olive oil. Its nourishing proprieties can get you rid of hair fall, nails that break easily or dry skin. With the aid of a cotton ball apply at the root of the hairs some olive oil and keep it there for thirty minutes.

Step 5

If the nails are the problem, soak them in warm olive oil every day for fifteen minutes. For skin problems, mix the oil with some lemon juice, apply it on the face and wash it only after twenty minutes. Therefore, you should always have a bottle of olive oil in your house because this may be the miracle ingredient for you to look flawless every day.


All this said, if you want to look and feel beautiful consider these beauty and makeup top tips and put them into practice.

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