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How To Become a Makeup Artist

Published at 03/15/2012 14:28:12


Makeup artists are the luckiest persons in the world: they are very well paid, they can make their own schedule, they travel a lot, they get to meet famous stars from the showbiz or other important personalities from other domains, they are always invited to exclusive parties and finally they have the freedom to express themselves because they can use their imagination and creativity. Still, to enjoy such privileges they must go a long way, more or less difficult, depending on the skills and ambition possessed.

Step 1

A makeup artist starts its journey with applying for a makeup course or a cosmetology program at a vocational school. The more reputable the school is, the more increased are the chances to become a highly rated makeup artist. A good school in their CV is like a warranty for their makeup artist skills and talent.

Step 2

There are also self-taught makeup artists, but a makeup artist without a license will probably remain in the shadow, unless he is extremely good at his job. Therefore, if you want to become a successful makeup artist make a list with the best schools in your area and apply for one. These may be expensive, but it is said that you get what you give so, if you want to become a famous makeup artist you have to invest more in this experience.

Step 3

After you signed up to a licensed makeup artist school, try to be a serious student and do your homework. Study techniques of famous makeup artists and try to put them in practice on your friends. Step up the study by reading many makeup books. Also it is very important to be up to date with the latest makeup trends. So analyze the makeup used on models from the famous catwalks in Paris, Milano and New York. Sign up to receive newsletters from important makeup brands if you want to know newest arrivals in the cosmetics market.

Step 4

Until you get your license, try to gain some experience in this domain. Offer to volunteer for various events in your town, get a job at a beauty salon or apply for more makeup trainings even if you already attend to a makeup school. By doing so, you enrich your portfolio and also you can gain some loyal customers.

Step 5

The next step is to make relationships with important personalities in the makeup industry. Try to get a job as an assistant of an important makeup artist in your area. By doing so, you will get to know important people, you will be invited to exclusive parties and events where you can meet more important people and so on until you earn a reputation. Moreover, working closely with a specialist comes with the benefit of learning and stealing the secrets of this job.


All this said, the job of a makeup artist may be full of benefits and also enviable, but it is built with hard work. You have to invest money, time and energy to get to be one of the top makeup artists who work with famous actresses and singers.

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