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How To Do Stage Makeup

Published at 04/03/2012 18:56:57


You can do makeup on the stage to add your facial visibility to the audience. Singers , actors and dancers do makeup for stage purposes. The make up will keep your face shining and appealing to the crowd. When the makeup meets the stage lights they blend and give the performer the desired look.

Step 1

There are several sates that will enable you do makeup easily more especially if you are a novice. People who have experience can also borrow some tips to keep them in the competition.

Step 2

The first step is the foundation stage of application. At this stage, you will make your face color look very uniform. This helps in reducing light shadows when you are on stage. It is a requirement that you clean your face well before you do makeup.

Step 3

After you have cleaned the face then go on with the make up application. At this stage you can use a sponge to give you an even touch. The face should be wholly covered. You can use some powder to do makeup at this stage.

Step 4

Secondly take the blush to complete the face with a smooth touch. The blush gives the face an even smooth texture that will make you look great on stage. You can use the blush to polish all the areas around the cheeks and near the hair. All the face should be covered.

Step 5

The third step when you do makeup is to finish the make up by drawing eye shadows. They should cover the eyelids. In selection the colors for your eyelids, ensure that it will give you the most stunning look on stage. Stage lights sometimes make your eyes look small. This application will make your eyes very visible to the crowd. Your skin and face color will determine what color of make up will be used. You can blend colors together to give you your desired look. Complimentary color mixture will win the deal.


The forth step when you do makeup is by making a black eyeliner. This makes your eyes look great. You can do this by use of a pencil. The experts can help you do it. The line should be very clear on beyond natural eyelids. The lining should only be seen on the eye lashes. Do not exceed them.

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The black mascara comes in handy. You can apply at least two coats on both lashes. Doing mascara application more than one time will let you have a good look and give you the best picture when you appear on stage. Your look will appeal to many people in the crowd. The do makeup will assure you that the stage is yours and without fear you can really show off.
Then next thing when you do makeup is to apply a lipstick. Don’t forget lipstick. The lipstick shade should be red in color. You can also use other colors depending on your complexion and preference. Do it on both upper and lower lips. After you finish this wipe the lips with a soft tissue paper. The lips will give a complete look as you appear on stage.
When you complete the process of do makeup, you should take a mirror and confirm the look by having a broad smile. You will be sure of the best as you come on stage.