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Top 10 Designer Shoes

Published at 03/01/2012 03:10:54


Shoes and women are two concepts that have overlapped over the years. Numerous cultural references are in films and TV about a woman's insatiable appetite for shoes and the many pairs we have contained in our closets.

Christian Louboutin is a French shoe designer whose iconic red soled shoes are infamous on a worldwide scale. His focal point is on stilettos and his goal is to make woman feel sexy, beautiful and have the allusion of long, shapely legs. He tends to specialise in luxurious flashy high heels however he does house a small range of more modest small heels and flats. These showy designer shoes are frequently worn by famous icons such as Cher, Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Created in 1996 by shoe designer, Jimmy Choo, this designer shoe brand offers delicate heels as well as practical boots. The designer himself is no longer in connection with the shoe brand due to having sold the rights to another company. Jimmy instead is concentrating on opening a shoe making institute in his home country of Malaysia. The shoes themselves are known for their beautiful. handcrafted simplicity, elegance, feminine tones, and the combination of beautiful and comfortable. Materials and accessories that are often exhibited with this designer shoe are mink, fish and python skin and feathers.

Jerome C. Roussea's line of designer shoes was launched in 2008 in the fall collection. All Jerome C. Rousseau's shoes are meticulously constructed in Italy, and he states that he draws inspiration from Europe, nightlife, pop culture and modern art. These beautiful shoes are sported by numerous high profile celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Kristin Stewart, Scarlett Johansson and Drew Barrymore.

If you are a fan of the shoes displayed on Sex in the city your love this brand of designer shoe. Manolo Blahnik unique high heels were on the feet of the character Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker), and were even a favourite of hers. His shoes are the epitome of sex appeal and glamour and are often worn by high profile celebrities.

Brian Atwood, the Chicago-born shoe designer, launched his first full collection of designer shoes in the year 2001 and since then his shoes have become an extremely popular accessory to procure. His shoes combine the glitzy glamour of America with the cool elegance of Europe. they have a palpable tone of seductiveness, modernity and a stark sex appeal. Since being launched Brian Atwood has had several design accolades attached to his line and famous celebrities opting to wear his shoes, including at the recent Oscars Melissa McCarthy and Emma Stone.

The late Salvatore Ferragamo founded a designer shoe line. When creating his shoes, he opted to take a joint scientific and creative approach. This action lead to the invention of the wedge and cage heel. Today, the organization is run by Salvatore's two sons, James and Salvatore and his shoes are still classed as the apex of style and class.

Stuart Weitzman is a high end international shoe designer label, which was founded by Stuart A. Weitzman a Spanish shoe designer. His shoes are known on a global scale, being skid in 45 countries. The trademarks of their designer shoe line are the use of unique materials (cork, vinyl, wallpaper and 24 karat gold) and an intense attention to detail.

Giuseppe Zanotti's first collection was introduced in New York and was met with ardent praise. From these early beginnings Giuseppe has opened over 50 shops worldwide and provides footwear to high end fashion designers such as Vera Wang and Pierre Balmain. His style has the flavour of rock music and art.

Vivienne Westwood was once known as the queen of punk, Vivienne's designer shoes are unique, innovative and awe inspiring. Her shoes quite often are adorned with bows, buckles, ties and laces.

Christian Dior was a French Fashion designer who created a wide range of beautiful products. Though the company is infamous for their clothing range and handbags they have an equally luxurious designer shoe line.

Tips and comments

These shoes can be very expensive so always be on the lookout for any sales/discounts they may be experiencing to catch a great deal.


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