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The Best Mens Dress Shoes

Published at 03/26/2012 01:38:47


A pair of smart and functional dress shoes is an absolute essential in any man's wardrobe. Whether a pair of men’s dress shoes is worn daily or just for special occasions, every man has to purchase a pair at some point in their lives. Regardless of the fact what purpose the shoes might be serving, one should always make sure that men’s dress shoes should be classy, timeless and most importantly elegant. In order to get your hands on some of the best dress shoes for men in terms of style, quality and as well as price, one should check out the brands such as Bostonian ‘Akron', firstly, and fore, most. Granted a pair of men’s dress shoes from brands like these may be a bit pricey, however, paying a bit more for a stunning pair of dress shoes can rightly be counted as one of your wise investments; however, one should always make sure that the functionality, durability and the comfort level is well worth the price tag. The prestigious brand of Akron boasts of some of the most stylish men’s dress shoes and that also under the range of $100. The brand's color palette is also dark enough for you to carry the shoes off with charcoal. The company has been in the footwear industry a long time, and has earned themselves the reputation of being one of the best in the field.



Another brand to check out before making a pricey purchase is Cole Haan and the brand's 'Air Carter'; the pair is extraordinarily comfortable, keeping in mind the fact that this is a dress shoe, and the price tag is hefty enough to be taken seriously but not so you won't contemplate making the purchase, given the quality of the product. 'Fifth Avenue' Oxford by the brand of Allen Edmonds is unarguably one of the most luxurious pairs of men’s dress shoes; once you are in possession of these, you will not settle for anything less of this quality. Elegant, classy and comfort orientated are some of the few words, which aptly describe these shoes.


A pair of 'Melton' Oxford by the classic and traditional brand of Johnston & Murphy is most definitely a sound investment as the shoes will last you at least a couple of years and compliment any outfit, be it a dapper suit, your comfy slacks or a sweater. As these shoes have a cap toe, this very feature adds a great deal to the level of comfort provided to you.

Tips and comments

If the occasion is extremely rare and special, and it is within your budget, look at designer dress shoes. The 'Rammola' by the prestigious brand of Bruno Magli; the footwear by the designer has Italian style and class oozing out of it and with intricate attention to every single detail of the shoe you will surely be making a bold style statement sporting a pair of Bruno Magli.


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