How To Chose Color Combination Of Shoes And Dress
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How To Chose Color Combination Of Shoes And Dress

Published at 02/28/2012 15:05:20


How To Chose Color Combination Of Shoes And Dress

Normally both men and women are very conscious about their dressings and matching shoes, but women have won this contest! Yeah, women are more crazy and conscious in dressing matters as compare to men. Women in spite of everything will always think negative that they are lacking of something. 

Step 1

Women normally can’t get satisfy easily, they always have complex in their mind being wearing every kind of shoes dress. Women have natural mentality to match their dresses with shoes, because women feel their selves incomplete without wearing proper matching gowns.So to match shoes dressis the key function of women fashion. Not only shoes dress, women use to match their gadgets also with the color of their shoes dress.

Step 2

Different ladies have different thinking and choices, some like light colors and some loves to wear shocking and hard colors, so according to their tastes and mood, women choose colors of both shoes dress. It is also a fact that matching shoes dresshas great impression on others, like women wearing black dress with black heels will give great impression and will look awesome. So matching shoes dressgives excellent personality image and looks fabulous to women.

Step 3

There are hundreds of combinations of shoes dressthat women adopts easily, women are always best and prove themselves perfect in making their combinations of shoes dress. If a woman is working in office and she uses to wear suit, she will definitely wear heels and will not wear fleets or pumps, so few things are natural and can be done according to common sense, and women have very sharp common sense in dressing manners. Women combination of shoes dressare really great, they really knows what to wear and where, and they also knows very well what kind of combination will be perfect.

Step 4

Women combinations are separated in two different categories of shoes dress, like heels in office use and also with jeans sometimes while going to university or college. While they will not prefer suit in college or university, because they really knows well the difference of formal and casual combination of shoes dress.

Step 5

Some women have natural abilities in them to select the combination of shoes dressfrom their own like by creating their own ideas and most of the women and girls make combinations by watching and following the fashion industry, models and even actresses.


How To Chose Color Combination Of Shoes And Dress

Wrap dress with pumps is a great combination of shoes dress, which girls like the most as a casual use, colors also have importance while making such combinations because most of the ladies and girls like matching combinations of shoes and dresses but only few like the contrast pair of colors.Tent dress with gladiator is also a mind-blowing combination of shoes dress, women loves this combination as they really look sweet and cute in this combination.


So there are so many combinations of shoes and dresses available in market and it is up to the women mind that what kind of combination she selects, she selects from the market or she arranges the combination of its own.


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