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How To Find Out Your Dress Shoes Size


There are a lot of shoe designs in the market nowadays. The shoe designs also depend on the type of shoes. Examples of the different types of shoes are the athletic shoes and the dress shoes.

Athletic shoes are usually worn for sports and outdoor purposes. They are designed not only to protect the feet of the one wearing it but also designed to last long because it is being used extensively and in strenuous activities. Manufacturers of athletic shoes have also added some innovations because it is found that the shoes affect the overall performance of the athletes or anyone wearing it. They may not be always fashionable, but they are very sturdy.

Another type of shoes is the dress shoes. Dress shoes aren’t only for women because of the word “dress”. There are also dress shoes for men. Examples of these dress shoes for men are the leather shoes such as the Oxford shoes, Monk shoes, Derby shoes, and Loafers. For women, there are also different types of dress shoes. Examples of these are Pumps, Slingbacks, Loafers, Mules, Ballet flats, Sandals, and High heeled shoes. Before, dress shoes are worn specifically for smart casual or formal occasions. But now, these shoes can be worn everyday and even in casual occasions.

If you’re willing to purchase dress shoes, you should know your dress shoes size. It’s actually very easy to do since you can even do it alone. Here are the steps that you can follow in knowing your dress shoes size.

Step 1

Step 1: Get the necessary materials

In knowing your dress shoes size, you must prepare the necessary materials. You would need a clean sheet or paper. The paper should always be bigger than your foot. Then, you need measuring materials like ruler or measuring tape for identifying your dress shoes size. Then, you need a writing material for tracing. Make sure to use a pencil instead of a pen or maker or chalk. Pencil marks can be erased with an eraser in case you made a mistake unlike the other writing materials. Also, using a pencil would make the tracing procedure easier and cleaner. You would also need a tape to stick the paper on the floor and to make sure the paper stays in pace while tracing.

Step 2

Step 2: Trace your foot

The next thing that you need to do in knowing your dress shoes size is to trace your foot on the clean sheet of paper. Place your foot on top of the paper and using a pencil, trace your entire foot. You should make sure that your pencil stands straight in tracing as you follow the edges of your foot. You should also trace both right and left foot since you would need to know the exact measurements for both if you want to know your dress shoes size.

Step 3

Step 3: Mark the length and width of the outline

After tracing, make straight lines to the ends of the drawing. For the length, you need to make a straight line from the tip of the toe up to the end of the heel. For the width, you need to make a straight line on both the right and left ends of the drawing. Preferably, you should make the straight line on the widest part of your foot. This would help you in easily measuring and identifying your dress shoes size.

Step 4

Step 4: Measure the length and width

Using either a ruler or preferably a measuring tape, measure the length and width of the foot that was traced on paper. Measure both in centimetres and in inches because you would need the measurements later in looking for the equivalent dress shoes size in the size chart.

Step 5

Step 5: Refer to the size chart

The last thing that you can do to finally know your dress shoes size is to refer to the size chart. You can find the size chart on the internet. Take a look at the corresponding sizes on the size chart that fits your measurements. If the measurements are not exact, make sure to always round up the figures. For example, if the length of the shoes measures 9.2 inches, always round up to 9.5 inches to have an allowance for the size. Also make sure to get both the US size and the European size measurements because some shoe brands use either of the two.


Whenever you are in need of dress shoes, but you are not sure of the size you wear, just follow these simple steps to figure it out.

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