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What Type Of Shoes Are Made For Wedding


Wedding shoes are a main accessory article for brides. As a woman gets ready to walk down the aisle, her selection of shoes for the wedding can either offer comfort or be the cause of pain. A bride today has many choices when it comes to the shoes for her wedding. There are wedding jewel studded sandals, athletic shoes, flats and heels. The shoes should complement the wedding gown and afford comfort for the duration of the wedding and reception.

The shoes for a wedding are a design element that complements the theme of the bridal dress. In fact, shoe types range from traditional to avant-garde. Sophisticated brides who favor pillar gowns may select a flat pump without embossing or beading. A cultured bride, whose style selections mirror current trends in fashion, will select an evening sandal with straps instead of satin dance flats.

The types of shoes for a bride differ based upon flair and textile choices. Wedding shoes are fashioned from lace, silk and satin to cotton, crepe, velvet and sometimes plastic. Brides may choose from the following shoe choices: open-toed, sandals, mules, flip flops, platform, stilettos, flats and sling backs. Heel height can be as high as five inches or remain comfortably stylish as low-heeled flats or sneakers. Prices for shoes vary greatly; from the least expensive flip flop to the more costly top designer shoe creation.

Many brides have made the wrong choice when choosing shoes for the wedding. The most often mistake is choosing the gown without knowing the type of shoe that will be worn. The heel height and color matching to a wedding dress are important items that round out the bridal outfit. If the shoes need to be dyed, there could be some shoe shrinkage – which could cause a lot of discomfort at the wedding festivities. To avoid these wedding shoe blunders brides should put on their bridal shoes for the dress fitting. Avert wedding shoe sizing mistakes by trying on the bridal shoes at the end of the day when feet are usually at their largest.

From dyed sandals to satin flats, finding the ideal wedding shoes can be effortless, since you know the important guidelines of the bridal shoe selection procedure. Variants of white and ivory for wedding shoes vary greatly. Ask the bridal retailer for an exact color swatch from the wedding gown to pick out shoes that round out the style of the gown and its color precisely. It is also a good idea to consider the wedding venue when selecting the shoes for the wedding. If you have an out-of-doors wedding on a lawn or in the woodlands, some silks and satin shoes will get dirty easily.

Coordinate the base of your wedding dress with the variety and shade of the shoes. To break in the shoes, wear them for at least one hour every evening. Start stretching the shoes for the most comfortable fit at least four weeks before the wedding.

Tips and comments

  • The shoes for a wedding should not overpower the bridal gown.
  • Shoes that are heavily embellished and sparkle will complement a simple dress, but may overpower an elaborate gown.
  • If your feet are prone to swelling when you stand for long periods, bring an additional pair of flats, in case of a bridal shoe emergency.
By Zoe Newf, published at 02/28/2012
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