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How To Find the Best Wedding Shoes


When it comes to your wedding, everything must be perfect from the dress down to the shoes. But although you may have the perfect dress, how do you make sure your wedding shoes are perfect also? Before buying a pair of wedding shoes, be prepared to consider some things first, such as style, color, material, and cost. To ensure your wedding shoes are as perfect as your dress, follow these tips to make walking down the aisle as perfect as possible.

Step 1


Do not rush out and just pick out a pair of white wedding shoes to go with your dress. No matter how much you love the shoes, white does vary. If possible, take a fabric swatch of your wedding dress color with you to pick out your shoes. When that is not possible, round up some paper color swatches and choose the one that matches the color of your dress the closest to compare with the shoes you want.

Step 2

Fabric and Material

Sometimes the material or fabric of the wedding shoes you choose is easy. Some like leather while others like a satin or crepe shoes. The best way to determine that fabric or material of your shoes is to go by the bottom of your wedding dress. You want the shoes to complement the bottom of the dress, not stand out like an eye sore.

Step 3


When it comes to wedding dresses, one rule of thumb many experts use is: simple shoes for a fancy gown, fancy shoes for a simple one. If your dress is elaborate, then you want simple shoes to complement it. A simple dress looks best with wedding shoes that complement it with embellishments or fancy designs.

Step 4


Rules are made to be broken, even wedding shoe rules. If you want your shoes to coordinate with your dress, then make sure the embellishments match. This means if you have pearls or rhinestones on the dress, your shoes should also. Do not mix and match embellishments, crystal embellished wedding shoes would look tacky with a pearl and lace dress.

Step 5


A wedding cost money, and the wedding shoes are no exception. For many, wedding shoes can end up costing a small fortune for something they will only wear once.

If you do not plan to save your wedding shoes with your dress, consider purchasing ones that are dyeable. A dyeable style will allow you to have them professionally colored after the wedding to wear with another favorite outfit or save them for special occasions to be worn more than once.


Comfort is everything. Do not buy wedding shoes that look great that do not feel great. You will be wearing them for hours, so try them on and wear them around your house for a few hours before wearing them on your wedding day.

After buying your wedding shoes, make sure you try them on with your dress. This will let you know if the heel is the right height or if your dress needs to be altered to match your heel height.

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By Lucy Beam, published at 03/05/2012
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