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How To Find Wedding Shoes in a Size 8

Published at 03/06/2012 21:50:22


One of the most important accessories in a wedding day is a pair of good shoes. It must match the outfit and the theme of the wedding. The perfect shoes must be comfortable yet chic as there will be a lot of standing or walking for the radiant bride that day from going down the aisle and exchanging vows to moving to the reception and posing for photographs. If you are wearing a size 8 shoes and would like to know where you can find them, check out the leads below.

Step 1

You have probably gone to the bridal shop in your area to buy your wedding dress or have it custom sewn for you to wear on your wedding day. The bridal consultant in the shop should be able to guide you what type of size 8 shoes you can get in the same shop. If you buy your size 8 shoes there, chances are high that the pair will exactly match the design of your wedding gown.

Step 2

If you have not bought or ordered your wedding dress from a bridal registry and purchased it elsewhere such as a major retailer, simply go to the shoes section and check what they have available. Some stores also dedicate a part of their showroom to bridal wear and accessories. A pair of size 8 shoes that perfectly matches your bridal dress should be available for sale.

Step 3

When you don't find anything from the store where you bought your wedding dress, go to a specialized shoe shop. Surely, there's a pair of size 8 shoes that is available there. Choose from glitzy and stylish to chic and trendy wedding shoes. Just make sure that the color blends and fits with your dress and matching accessories such as the veil, jewelry, gloves, or stole that you will wear on the big day.

Step 4

Another possibility of finding a pair of size 8 shoes is to do online shopping. This option should not be considered when you are doing last minute shopping as returns and exchanges will take time. However, you can really browse at several web stores to find the perfect pair of size 8 shoes. Make sure that you know what your foot size is and consider how the shoe style would affect the size of a pair of wedding shoes. Shoe designs which have pointed toes would fit well with narrow feet and if you have wide feet, you might think of buying a pair you size larger to see if it would fit you better.

Step 5

Using auction shops is also a good way of finding a pair of size 8 shoes for your wedding day. If you are looking for a vintage pair of shoes, then auction sites are your best options. They have shoes on sale or for bidding that will fit any wedding theme. You can always go to specialized shops that sell vintage clothing and footwear if you don't find anything suitable online.


Carry an extra pair of size 8 shoes on your wedding day. If anything happens, such as a heel breaking, you will still have another pair that you can use without causing too much disruption on your wedding day.

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