Finding Womens Size 8 Shoes
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Finding Womens Size 8 Shoes

Published at 03/06/2012 17:58:10


Finding Womens Size 8 Shoes

Shoe shopping is hassle for those women who have large feet. Not only it is a hassle but some women who have large feet find it embarrassing as well. There is nothing to be embarrassed about it because it’s the way God has made you. It was difficult to find size 8 shoes in the previous days but now due to the increasing demand, this size is now easily available. Some women who don’t find size 8 shoes according to their own liking, they get them made on orders.


The standard shoes size considered for women is the size 7. Therefore many of the popular brands used to make shoes in this size but eventually due to the growing stipulation of the women some of the companies started making size 8 shoes. But there are still many renowned brands which do not make size 8 shoes. Therefore the women who have larger feet get disappointed and are unable to buy the branded shoes of appropriate size.


However, this problem has been solved by the online companies. All the ladies who had given up hopes of getting any branded shoes can now live their dreams. These online franchises give more variety of size 8 shoes than the general shops. But for online shoe shopping you have to be very sure about the size of your feet because once you buy them you cant return them back. Now this new trend also have been introduce that you if you like the shape and style of any branded shoe but cant find it in your size than you can go to any local shoe makers. Give them the picture of the shoes and the right fitting. You will get the exact copy of that shoe made and at comparatively cheaper rates. This is different than the other order made shoes because they are more expensive and take more time. If you wear size 8 shoes than there are also many ways through which you can make your feet look slimmer and slender. The women who have larger feet should always avoid flats. They should always go for high heeled pumps and sandals with pointed toes or peep in toes. This not only makes the feet appear smaller but also give a mile long look to your legs. If you have big feet, than avoid wearing baggy trousers because that also gives a weird look to the feet.

Tips and comments

There are also numbers of ways through which you can control the width of the feet. Wear light casual joggers instead of slippers because that not only makes the feet appear wider and big but also causes your feet to spread out. This is especially applicable for the women who wear size 8 shoes. There you shouldn’t be disappointed if you have big feet because there is a solution to every problem and this problem has now been solved by the online companies. Those of you who couldn’t enjoy the elegant branded shoes can now show them off after buying them from the online companies and enjoy their feel as much as they want to.


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