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How To Determine Mens Shoes Size

Published at 03/18/2012 17:02:22


Men's shoe size can be determined from home with a couple of items. An easier way to determine your shoe size is by visiting a shoe store and taking advantage of their measuring devices. All shoes can run differently in size. So while you are one size in one pair of shoes, you could be a different size in another.

Step 1

Knowing your mens shoes size will always help you to find a pair that fit your feet correctly. To measure your feet at home, you will need to have a piece of paper that is larger than the size of your foot, tape, a pencil or pen, and a ruler or measuring tape. You will first need to tape the piece of paper to the floor so that it does not move when you are trying to determine your mens shoes size.

Step 2

With socks on your feet, place one of your feet on the piece of paper and trace around it with your pen or pencil. This will form the outline that you will use to find your mens shoes size. Make sure that you are holding your writing utensil upwards and not slanted while tracing, as this can throw off the measurements.

Step 3

Get out your tape measure or ruler and you can start to determine your men's shoe size. Measure from the back of your heel to your outermost toe. Note down this number and try to round your size to the nearest half or whole number in the measurement. Shoes do not come in only one width, but are available for feet of all sizes. Next, you can measure across from the widest part of your foot to the other side of the foot. Note down this number as well.

Step 4

Now that you have your measurements for your men's shoes size, subtract 3/16 of an inch from your measurement. This will not be your actual shoe size, as you will now need to convert your foot's measurement into the correct men's shoes size.

Step 5

Search online for a men's shoes size to inches chart. This will be able to show you the exact shoe size that there is for all measurements. For example, if your men's foot measured a 9.31 inches, you would be a size 6. A size 11 would be 11 inches and a size 12 would be 11.31 inches. Use the chart accordingly to get the best fitting pair of shoes during your next shoe shopping trip.


Just because you now know your men's shoes size, always try the shoes on before buying them. Some shoes may run smaller than others and it is possible that you will need a smaller or larger size than your actual measurements. Be sure that the shoes are comfortable and fit your feet before purchasing.


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