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Where To Locate Size 9 Shoes


“Your Shoe size is a NINE?” really. Does this question give you nightmares?

Many times, one can shrug it off with a nonchalant shrug, the worst is when one goes shoe shopping. There is no escaping that question and the look on the store assistants when they dismissively say “No, madam this is the last size... We don’t get these in that large size”. Women end up feeling like big feet. But, do not despair yet... Shoe companies have now opened their eyes and design boards to the larger sizes. Larger sizes are no more considered a freak of nature and are not just assigned some pity designs.


If you have the courage to shop online for shoes, here are some good places for size nine shoes.

• has a wide range of shoes from flats to heels and yes, even in size 9. The founders of be stylish also assure us that shoe-shopping online is also not such a scary thing. With money-back guarantees and 24 hour customer care centres, it is a good option to get away from the pesky shoe shop assistants.

• – Though not an exclusive online shoe shopping site like Bestylish, also offers options in heels, flats etc. for size 9 shoes in a wide price range. Value added services like a 30 day return, cash on delivery options and a free hotline for customer service make it a hassle-free shoe shopping experience.

• - This is a UK based online store especially for larger sizes both for clothes and shoes. They ship to India. The price is on the higher side but the designs are to die for. Get one in a neutral colour and that will become your favourite shoes for special occasions.


However, if you prefer a more personal touch and feel experience, there are options out for the size 9 brethren there as well.

• Metro shoes - With a couple of stores in almost every big city, metro has a wide range of options in size 9 shoes. Their representative informs us that they have options even in larger sizes of 10 and 11 as well. This is certainly good news. Also, the reputation of metro products only helps this further.

• Speciality stores – there are many small and growing business, who specialize in shoes for rare sizes, namely, too small or too large than is considered normal. These stores may be exclusive to the city and locality and they are mostly started by new entrepreneurs’ who have either faced a problem or have seen a business idea in this model.


Tips and comments

• If it sturdy and no nonsense shoes, then there can be nothing better than Bata. With a reputation of strong shoes for about 100 years, Bata is the place to go for size 9 flats and floaters. But Bata, does have the impression of boring, and if you are looking for designer or high heels in colour, you may be disappointed here. This is solely for rough and sturdy wear.

By Sia Attavar, published at 03/20/2012
   Rating: 4/5 (11 votes)
Where To Locate Size 9 Shoes. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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