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How To Buy Shoes in a Size 9

Published at 03/20/2012 19:46:03


You are not Alone with Shoes Size 9

If you have bigger feet with shoes size 9, never think everything is lost, there are many celebrities, such as, Nicole Kidman, Kate Silverton, Paris Hilton and Kate Winslet and they are all in the same queue looking for shoes size 9 behind you. Finding the right design of your choice may sometime be difficult, but you should not despair, there are many designer stores and online sites that specializes in designs for larger shoes size 9 and above for women.

Walk into most shoe shops; you are lucky if you find any women’s shoe size 9 with appealing design. However, buying shoes size 9 now has become a simpler process, thanks to the worldwide web system. There are many online stores where you can see beautiful designs that you can place order by selecting the design and receive within a week all from the comfort of your home. Be sure of the size, because they vary from country to country. Here we will talk about how to measure your shoe size and then translate it into country specific measure. Your shoes size 9 as per US standard is 42 ½ as per European measurement, it is again 7 ½ as per British standard and it is 39 as per South American Measurement.

Step 1

The Correct Measure of your Shoe Size

Determining the proper size of shoe is very essential for a perfect fit. Because, a small shoe gives foot pain and other problems. Large shoes will cause for lack of stability and blisters. Your shoes size 9 is never a constant figure, shape of your feet may change any time.

For a correct measure of your shoe size, measure it at the end of the day when it is at it’s largest.

Step 2

Wear socks with consistent thickness that you will wear with the new shoes.

You can get the accurate measurement in standing position.

Step 3

Place your feet over a paper, trace around with a pencil, measure the distance between two extreme points and reduce that by 5 mm or 1/5 inch. The result is your foot length and the number denotes your foot size. The distance between two widest points reduced by 5 mm or 1/5 inch is the foot width.

Step 4

Inches can be converted in to centimeter by multiplying the same with 2.54.

The women’s size can be converted from men’s size by adding two with men’s size. Suppose the size for men is 8, the same size for women will be taken as size 10.

Step 5

If you have a shoe size of 9 as per US standard, its length and equivalent measures in other counties and standards will be like the followings:

Heel to toe length 10 5/16 inches (Men), 10 inches (Women),

Men’s International shoe size conversion is as follows:

Men: US 9; Europe 42, UK 8 ½, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia and other south American countries 41, Mexico 28.


Women’s International shoe size conversion is as follows:

US 9; Europe 40 ½, UK 7 ½, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia and other south American countries 39 , Mexico 26.


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