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The Best Shoes For Trail Running

Published at 03/28/2012 19:49:32


For those athletic people living in the country side, trail running is the more popular compared to track running. It is more challenging because you’ll be going on steeper grounds and will be running through different kinds of terrain. Usually these trails are small and even inaccessible to vehicles. This is why trail runner always makes sure to gear up with the toughest shoes that they could find. If you’re a first time trail runner, here are some tips that you could use in choosing the best trail shoes.

Step 1

Tip 1: Go for comfort

In choosing athletic shoes, people usually don’t usually choose because of its fashionable design. The first thing that they would consider is if the shoes are comfortable enough for them to wear even for long periods of time. Trail shoes are also considered to be athletic shoes. If you’re going to choose trail shoes for running, it would be best to try on different brands and pick whatever makes you comfortable. Also, when you try on these trail shoes, make sure to wear the same kind of socks that you’re going to use for trail running to at least get the real feel of the shoes. Try to put on both of the shoes and try to walk on those shoes for a few minutes.

Step 2

Tip 2: Always look at its durability

In choosing trail shoes for running, make sure that it is very durable. You don’t want to end up having to buy trail shoes every week or every month because you’ve not been buying the durable ones. And you definitely don’t want your shoes to be suddenly damaged in the middle your trail run. Always remember that when you go on trail running, you go through different kinds of terrain and these types of terrain, plus the other things that are on it such as sharp rocks would easily damage your shoes. So choose the ones that won’t easily wear out and will be durable enough to be on any terrain for long periods of time. Durable shoes may not be expensive but at least it would last long and you would get more value for your money.

Step 3

Tip 3: Choose lighter shoes

Just like any running shoes, you should also consider choosing lighter trail shoes for running. Lighter shoes would help you in maintaining your balance while running. Aside from that, lighter shoes would also help you avoid straining your feet. Lighter shoes would also keep you from getting easily tired and help you run more distances.


Tip 4: Choose shoes that protects you

Athletic shoes usually have a more complicated technology than other kinds of shoes. In choosing trail shoes, make sure that it protects your feet rather than harming it. Make sure it has very good flexibility and cushioning so that your feet won’t easily get sprained or won’t easily wear out while you’re running especially on different kinds of terrain.

Tip 5: Choose shoes with good traction

If you go on trail running, it is most likely that you go through different kinds of terrains and even go through slopes. This is why it is very important for you to choose trail shoes with a good traction. Good traction in shoes keeps you from slipping. It helps you get a good grip on the ground, whatever terrain it would be and no matter how steep the slope you’re going to be on.


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