The Best Styles Of Shoes For Formal Occasions
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The Best Styles Of Shoes For Formal Occasions

Published at 03/29/2012 14:52:09


The Best Styles Of Shoes For Formal Occasions

Attending formal occasions can be very exciting but for some it might be a very dreadful thing. Being in formal occasions requires you to be in proper clothing attire and that includes your shoes. While other people worry about their clothes, some worry about the style of the shoes they will be wearing for all formal occasions. There are different available shoe styles that you can use for formal occasions. All of them will be discussed as you read through the article.


The Best Styles Of Shoes For Formal Occasions

Shoes can be a small portion of your entire attire for formal occasions but it has a great impact. Shoes help emphasize your dress and your figure. With the right style of shoes to wear on formal occasions, it will be able to bring out the best in you. The style of shoe that you will be wearing will be based on the occasion. The first thing you need to know is if the occasion requires you to walk around and entertain people or if you will just be sitting with other people and observe the crowd. Knowing this will help you determine the style of your shoes. If you are required to dance or walk on more formal occasions, you have to wear shoes that have an ankle strap. Ankle straps with support you feet and are more comfortable when walking. The strap will also keep your shoe on your feet while dancing or walking around. Your shoes’ heels should be in medium height or about 2inch. Using heels higher that 2 inches will give you discomfort and will make dancing difficult. 


The Best Styles Of Shoes For Formal Occasions

It might also cause injury like a sprained ankle. If the formal occasions you will be attending offers you the comfort of just sitting and watching the crowd, then you can wear slide shoes with higher heels. For men, a pair of black formal shoes is the best choice for formal occasions. Oxford and wingtips styles are the most common formal shoes worn by men on formal occasions. They look good when paired with a coat and tie and give enough balance while dancing. Other shoe accessories can also be a factor. Shoes with glittered designs are best worn on formal occasions held during night time while plain formal shoes can be worn during the day. These are just some of the best shoe styles you can wear for any formal occasions.

Tips and comments

To sum it all, the best style of shoes for formal occasions are shoes that will give you comfort at the same time match the clothing attire you are wearing. It looks good and elegant wearing 3 to 4 inch high heel shoes during formal occasions. But by the end of the day, you will be experiencing the pain from walking and dancing in high heeled shoes. So to be safe and still look good and elegant, better choose shoes with regular heels that will match your dress and emphasize your body. With the comfortable shoes, you can mingle with other visitors all night, dance with anybody and enjoy the night. By the end of the day, you look fabulous and you had a great day without experiencing all the discomfort.


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