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Tips For Buying Formal Shoes


Men’s formal shoes are easy to identify. There are available in any stores and in varying prices. For women, formal shoes usually mean high-heeled shoes or sandals. Though it is not difficult to choose a pair of formal shoes, it is still good to know that you get your money’s worth. Here are some tips in buying formal shoes.

Step 1

Men’s formal shoes should reflect their personality and also have some style. When buying formal shoes for men, be sure to have formal shoes that will match the color of their suit or pants. The shoes should perfectly fit the feet to make it more comfortable to wear. There are only two types of formal shoes for men, slip-on and lace-up, so it is easier to choose. Lace up shoes are more preferred in formal occasions and it can also be used for other types of occasions. Women formal shoes have more variety and have more things to consider before buying. When buying women formal shoes, you have to make sure that you will be comfortable with the height of the heels and its fit.

Step 2

A pair of formal shoes with cushion on the ankle area is better to add comfort while walking or dancing. If a formal event requires you walk or dance most of the time, be sure to buy shoes with heels not more than 2 inches to prevent your feet from aching. A formal shoe with ankle strap will also be helpful while dancing. It will keep your shoes from flying off your feet. Stilettos are best paired with long evening dress. While during the summer, an open toe shoes or sandal is the best option. There are also different colors you can choose from. Though black is the most common color for formal shoes, you can also use nude color formal shoes to emphasize your legs. Another tip for buying formal shoes is to check if it has a rubber lining at the bottom.

Step 3

This rubber lining can prevent you from slipping on shiny floors. Also check how the sole is attached to the shoe. The sole should be glued or stitched proper around the shoe. There should be no space between the soil and the sides of the shoe. It is also best to buy shoes in the afternoon. It is known that your feet reach its normal size during the afternoon. Before buying the shoes, fit it properly and walk from corner to corner of the store until you are satisfied. If you have no problem then you can buy the shoes and prepare yourself for the formal event.


These helpful tips will save you some time in choosing the right formal shoes to wear. This will also give an idea on how much you can spend and what quality to look for. An expensive pair of shoes does not mean the best shoes. Be sure to take your time in choosing the right shoes for you. Do not rush or you will just end up buying something that you will not be able to wear for a second time around. Be wise; choose what makes you feel comfortable.

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