The Best Shoes on Earth
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The Best Shoes on Earth

Published at 03/26/2012 21:08:23


The Best Shoes on Earth

A person is often known by the shoes he or she wears, especially in today's world. While the over-all look, the clothes and the accessories matter, good shoes can take the spotlight. A stylish pair of shoes can bring out the best of an average looking dress, making you look stunning. Whereas a poor choice of shoes can make the most expensive of dresses lose their beauty. When it comes to having the best shoes on earth, quality matters more than quantity. The best shoes make you feel comfortable and confident as everyone is mesmerized by your footwear.


Shoes not only protect the feet but also are a fashion statement. Different cultures around the world have different and unique footwear. Mankind has not always worn shoes. The oldest shoes were made of leather and weren't quite trendy. However they served the function of providing the feet protection and support, in order for better movement. As the foot wear industry advanced, shoes underwent glorification and mass production. Nowadays every individual owns several pairs of shoes. Shoes are made from all sorts of material ranging from leather and wood to velvet and fur. They are also embellished with gems, stones and fancy cloth. Shoes can be stitched by hand but nowadays they are manufactured and designed by machines. The best earth shoes are now available to mankind.


The best earth shoes in the world are the ones that give you a spring in your step. Whether casual, formal, simple or fashionable, the choice of a perfect pair of shoes vary from person to person. Only you can pick your pair of best earth shoes. Oxfords, slip ons, mules, boots, ballet flats, sling-back and just a few of the many types of best earth shoes. When buying shoes, to be sure to get the best ones, always wear and walk before you make a purchase. You have to know how they make your feet feel. Also, when you have a chance to pick a colour, chose the one that either goes with your dress, or one that can go with many dresses. Open toe heel pumps make feet look super attractive when you have nail polish on, heels also give you a great posture when it comes to looking sexy. Athletic shoes are also available in many varieties, and those that are sturdy and comfortable should be chosen, depending on the type of sports.

Tips and comments

The sign of best earth shoes is that they serve their basic function of protection along with their special function that is all about the occasion for which you are purchasing those shoes. Evening shoes should give you an air of elegance and elongate your legs. Boots should add style, whether you are wearing them to work or party. Flats should allow you to feel free. Black pumps are a timeless beauty, and when you wear these earth shoes, you are supposed to feel beautiful. The smart and sporty feel comes with sneakers. No matter what the occasion or event is, with nicely pedicured feet, and a pair of the best earth shoes, you are sure to turn heads anywhere you go.


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