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These days everyone has a bank account. It is extremely essential to have a bank account because one has to make several payments through it whether it is a phone bill, electricity bill, property maintenance bill or shopping bill even people pay college, school and tuition fees through a bank account. Bank accounts have become part of our life and each one of us from a businessman to a college student everyone has a bank account.

Security of our bank account is extremely important especially in case of online banking. Banking online has become need of the hour because banks have become overcrowded and also people have no time to stand in long queues to deposit or withdraw money. There was time when people used to prefer ATM for transactions but now-a-days one can see big queues even at ATM centers.

Online banking has become a savior for most people who like to make payments by transferring money to any parts of the globe. Online banking helps you to make transactions globally in few seconds with click of a mouse but there are certain precautionary measures which have to be taken to keep your online bank account secure or else you might lose all your money.

Banking online helps you to transfer any amount to any bank account on this planet. The steps involved in online banking are very simple and easy but there also exists certain threats from the hackers who constantly try to hack your account. Security of online bank account depends on many factors and one of them is directly related to the bank itself that is the bank has to have fool-proof online security which covers their network so that hackers are not able to get into it and compromise with the accounts of their customers. The banks have to make sure that they provide very high encrypted service to its users so that when the data is transferred between the user and the bank the data does not get captured by the hackers over the internet. High encryption of data always helps because it becomes very difficult to crack.

Not just the bank it is also up to you to make sure that you always use a secure internet connection because if you use unsecured connection then hackers can easily pounce on your data and can hack your online bank account. To secure your online account always remember that when you are banking online never disclose your online banking information to anyone because it might lead to cracking of your account. Always use good antivirus to protect your computer system because most hackers use advanced hacking tools through which they send viruses that includes Trojans which relays back all information from your hard disk back to them which might help them in cracking your online bank account because most people tend to store their account details on the hard disk. Hackers use phishing techniques to crack bank accounts hence never open a link in your email which asks for your bank details because such links are from hackers.

Tips and comments:

If you want to be safe then never disclose your username and password to anyone. Always use secure internet connection. Never click on the links inside your emails which say they are from your bank. If you do these simple things your online banking account will never be compromised. 

By HANIF QAZI, published at 07/06/2011
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