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How To Choose A Bank For Online Banking

 There is no such thing as the perfect banking online service. However, before throwing the stone, let’s see a few reasons for using those services. The service is described as the possibility offered by the bank to its clients to have access to their accounts and to initiate financial operations with the help of a computer connected to the internet. In simple words, it is like having a branch of the bank at your home.

There are two main banking online services: the internet banking and the home banking. The main difference is given by the mobility offered. Home banking implies using a certificate on the computer, so the service is somewhat restricted. The internet banking feature offers you the possibility to use the service from any computer or browser, using additional devices such as tokens. Both services have advantages and disadvantages. 

 The internet banking can be usually accessed trough an internet navigator (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, and Google Chrome). You will have access to a secure website maintained by the bank. You will have a validated account on this site, similar with your email account. Of course, the connecting method is secure in this case. Therefore, if you want to connect to the service, you will need an ID and a code generated by the portable device. While the freedom offered by those solutions can’t be contested, this type of banking online has its disadvantages.

  1. You must carry the token with you all the time, with the risks involved (stealing, robbery, etc). A step forward would be to give token capabilities to smartphones, and some banks are collaborating with the mobile software developers to introduce this feature.
  2. The discomfort created by using the token for multiple payments you will need to introduce the code for each transaction, and it is a little annoying to operate 10 payments in a single session. Moreover, you will have to move from the token to the computer often, and at some point, you will feel disoriented. 

 The home banking can be accessed with a web navigator or with the help of a program provided by the bank. You will need to install a certificate locally. It is an annoying procedure at the start, but you will need it once a year.

After completing the forms soliciting the activation of the service, you will receive two sealed envelopes containing the user with password, and the data necessary for installing the certificate.

You will have to access the site of the bank to solicit the security certificate. This certificate is like a virtual key and it is implemented in the web navigator. This certificate is unique for each browser, and a client is entitled to 10 certificates at the same time for the same banking online service. Once you have the certificate installed, you can identify yourself using the user and the password and you can start using the service. 

Tips and comments:

 The main advantage of this banking online solution is that you can connect to your virtual bank just like connecting to your email. You will not need the codes, but the mobility is also reduced a little.


By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 07/12/2011
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