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How To Price Video Games For a Yard Sale


Many of us are looking for ways to earn some extra spending money whether it be for bills, debt, or just to have some money to have fun with. One way that you can get that extra folding money is to have a yard sale and sell your old video games. In today's world of video games, most people play video games of one sort or another. Once these games have lost their playability, it is a great idea to put them up for sale. Being able to price video games is quite easy once you know where to look to find the relative value of the game you wish to sell.

Step 1

Looking on the Internet is a great place to start when looking to price video games. Here you can check out websites that price video games and get a general idea of what they are worth. Some places worth checking out would be online auction sites where you can get a wide range of prices and see what the open market considers them worth. Be careful though because some sellers make money by selling games very cheap because they have received them in bulk or at very low prices.

Step 2

You can also search large retailers websites to see what they price video games for. You can know whether a game has sold enough copies to be only $19.99 or if the retail prices is still in the $29.99-$59.99 range.

Step 3

Another way to help price video games is to search other used video game retail outlets. Here you can see a wide range of most titles and their value. It can also let you know what games are worth selling and which are not. Seeing stacks of the same game selling for $5.00 is a good indication that you are all but going to have to give the game away for someone to take it. This is probably a great barometer since you are not likely going to be selling new games at a yard sale and you can get a rough estimate on how to price video games yourself.

Step 4

Searching at other yard sales is also a great way to get a feel for the price video games you are planning to sell. As mentioned before, there are many games in households today and seeing what others are selling them for is a great start.

Step 5

You can even ask the person running the yard sale how the games are selling at their designated prices. This should be no problem for them to tell you since they are not a dedicated business and you are not competition for them.


Remember that people searching yard sales are not going to be looking to pay probably more than $10.00 for any game that isn't very new or very rare. When you price video games you need to take this into consideration and keep your prices in line with this. Also remember, when you price video games you need to take quality of the game itself into consideration. If the disc for the game is badly damaged, it is likely not going to fetch much because the buyer is not even sure if the game works. Keep all of these steps in mind and you can be selling your video games at your yard sale in no time.

By Michael Banks, published at 02/18/2012
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