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Why Softdrugs Are Evil


A drug, in its broadest possible definition, is any substance which modifies normal bodily functions if absorbed by a living creature. Everything, from coffee through medicines to cocaine can technically be classified as a drug because all of them alter the routine functions of the body in a significant way. However, further classification is needed to differentiate between the harmless and the deadly.


Herein lie the two basic classifications of psychoactive drugs i.e. the drugs which are addictive and may cause harm and the ones which are moderately addictive and harmful. Soft drugs are largely known as those drugs which are minimally addictive and may not be very dangerous. Examples of soft drugs include cannabis, hemp, alcohol and tobacco. Hard drugs on the other hand, are considered very dangerous and addictive and include cocaine, fentanyl and heroin. Different countries use different classifications but the basic theme of these classifications is the same. 


There has been an inherent change in this classification over the years. Modern day classification of soft drugs now includes some of the drugs previously classified as hard drugs. This change has largely resulted from society's acceptance and endorsement of harmful drugs such as tobacco primarily. Tobacco is an excellent example of the dangers and evils of soft drugs. It is one of the most addictive and dangerous drugs known to man, however unfortunately is still classified as a soft drug. Thousands of people die and millions live with serious illnesses resulting from smoking or over exposure to secondhand smoke. Another example of this failed system is alcohol. Alcohol causes illness, injury and even death to millions of people every year and is known to be one of the root causes of domestic violence and accidents all over the world. Another example is heroin. It is classified as one of the most dangerous hard drugs available but the amount of deaths resulting from its misuse, are far lower than those resulting from alcohol or tobacco misuse. The governments should specify what exactly makes drugs 'hard'. Is it their addictiveness? If that's the case, then tobacco is one of the most addictive drugs in the world. Is it their harmfulness or the social consequences of their use? If so, then both alcohol and tobacco cause harm to their users and people around them.

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The truth is that every psychoactive drug is, in reality, just a drug. And every drug is evil if not used correctly. There is no high or low, less or more and hard or soft when it comes to drugs.  Every drug's misuse can and will result in addictiveness, harm or even both. Most soft drugs are even more evil and harmful than their 'hard' counter parts. This classification may even result in a boost in the confidence of the users and abusers, and these people will more easily be able to justify their use of these 'soft' drugs. This will eventually result in their misuse, which will cause further harm and misery in an already afflicted society!

By Amara, published at 12/28/2011
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